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LED Display Screens For Real Estate Applications – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

If you have a real estate business, you might also find it a necessity to invest in an LED screen for it, right? But is that though confusing you with the question of what might be the use of these digital displays in your business? Well, for anyone unfamiliar with them, an LED screen or real estate has become an ideal and effective way to influence customers.

Mainly, these screens help to increase the presence of any property or real-estate advertisement among the local citizens and passerby. Additionally, its dynamic and high-quality graphical information increases the call-to-action and visibility effect of the commercial helping the real estate business gain more success.

However, there are plenty of other applications too that make LED display screens effective for the real estate business. Now let’s go ahead and discover some of them below!

Major Applications

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  • Content According to different Audiences

Since real estate is all about the location of your real estate, LED displays should also revolve around the same base. This means that whether you have one office or more than one, you will surely face clients having different types of lifestyle demands – adding to different types of properties. It can be either a one-room apartment or a huge commercial restaurant space. Considering this, you can choose content for different schedules according to your shop location, peak periods, and customer clientele. This helps to provide a flexible showcase of properties to customers of all sorts – all in a pre-set digital way!

  • Merge of Physical and Digital

When it comes to gaining benefits for your real estate business through a digital LED display, the use of these screens for better promoting your customer reviews without adding physical effort is highly effective. This means that the real estate apps on these LED displays allow you to connect with your customers and their updates on the property they purchase from you. This provides the property images, tweets, and testimonials of the property you sell from your customers to show up on the digital screen making it visible for every customer and traveler; eliminating the need for physical advertisements and promotions.

  • Sharing Information

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Even when you don’t have a planned and edited real estate content that can promote your brand, putting important information on your commercial LED display can help the viewers and audiences get attracted to your business. This can include helping the audience with information like the weather update, news feed, the currency update, etc. Whatever helpful information you choose to share with the audience through your LED screen for real estate, the people would surely get attentive and interested to discover the brand that is helping them. This means that people can seek help, while you promote your business.

  • Automated Information

Large, high-definition images attract more attention than an outdated and poor quality image. Hence, this makes the rich media and images on commercial LED displays to attract more audience. Moreover, studies also prove that digital media set in public places and venues attract better attention of the audience, especially in comparison to the videos available on the internet or social sites like Facebook. Hence, the automated information about your real estate agency can spread easily in the audience through the LED screens.

  • Wayfinding

In terms of commercial real estate, having an LED display screen can be highly beneficial in terms of helping your customers and the passerby for wayfinding. With the presence of a graphical map in a LED screen for real estate, any shopper looking for desired shops or tourists seeking passage information can seek help easily. This can make them better use commercial LED screen for real estate while making them interested in seeking information about your brand too!

Now with all these major applications of a LED screen for real estate, you might be well aware of how impactful and important these screens can be for the business as well as the customers. So go ahead, and level up your real estate business promotions!

Outdoor LED Display for Real Estate Option

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For Example: https://www.doitvision.com/ have two type of outdoor led display that suitable for real estate application:

  • IP65 Outdoor LED Signs

IP65 Outdoor LED signs are outdoor permanent installation, with high brightness, IP65 water-proof as well as energy-saving options, they are perfect solutions for outdoor digital advertising.


  • 6000-8000 nits high brightness making the outdoor LED signs visible under direct sunshine during the day time
  • Big viewing angle
  • Anti ultra violet plastic materials
  • Optimized ventilation system with cooling fans and heat-resistant and insulation cables guarantee the reliability of years of operation
  • Meanwell power supplies available
  • IP68 LED Outdoor Display

IP68 outdoor LED display is new generation of outdoor fix installation LED display. High brightness 7000-9000 nits, 150w per square meter average power consumption, no need any ventilation or air-condition system.


  • Aluminum die-casting LED module housing for IP68 rating protection
  • Natural cooling without any ventilation and air conditioning
  • 7000 – 9000 nits high brightness
  • 1:5000 contrast ratio average
  • 120-150W energy-saving power consumption
  • Super light weight die-casting magnesium cabinet, 28-32kg per cabinet

Basic knowledge to purchase a led screen

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LED Pixel Pitch

  • one of the most key parameter when you buy a Led Display.
  • Pitch exists in distance between the pixels. For example, For P10, the distance between pixels is 10mm.
  • Pixel can be of more LEDs. In Full-color led display, they have 3 LEDs in 1 pixel (Namely Red Green Blue).
  • Pitch will regulate the viewing distance and the LED screen resolution. The smaller the viewing distance, the smaller the pitch.
  • To establish the right pitch is not easy. First, you must determine the viewing distance before you can decide the pitch. Indoor settings generally have a small pitch (P3-P10) because the viewing distance is small. Outdoor has a greater pitch (starting from P10).

LED Display Resolution:

  • Resolution is a key measurement of how much detail a display shows based on the total number of pixels in the display area and is an important feature in defining image quality.
  • The LED display resolution is the number of distinct pixels in the respective size that can be displayed.
  • It is generally mentioned as width × height, with the units in pixels: for example, “1920 × 1080” means the width is 1920 pixels and the height is 1080 pixels.