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Is it Possible to Learn English Through Comedy?

by Nina Smith

English is the most used language in the world, and many people choose it for their second one. It is important to learn since most software, video games, and online content are written in this form. Also, it is common for foreign Universities and job positions to expect a decent knowledge of it even in countries where other languages are spoken. It is a common misconception that you need to be talented to learn a second language. Involving effort and a good strategy are only efficient ways to learn it.

There are different approaches to learning. First of all, you will need to determine your level of knowledge. There are official levels, which are positioned from C1 to A1. With a B1 category, you will be able to understand, write, and speak English without bigger issues. However, it requires a lot of time and practice as well. The great advantage is that we can use the internet for online courses.

On the other side, watching various content can be of great help as well. For example, if you prefer talk shows, podcasts, and movies, it can be a great way to learn English. For instance, comedy shows might be the best way to learn basics and slang words, which is especially important for informal communication. Also, you can visit jokesbuzz.com to learn entertaining quotes and jokes in English.

Watching entertaining content can be very effective since you might stay focused for a longer time, and memorize new words much better. the technical aspects of education are very important, especially when it comes to languages where you will need to catch up with styles and grammar. However, listening to multimedia content and practicing are efficient as well.

1. TV Shows

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With the side in popularity of streaming services, it is simple to choose from numerous TV series. Some of the most popular are sitcoms. They represent comedy shows with a couple of main characters who are often placed in a mutual environment like an office, home, and more. They will keep you engaged, and you might want to watch some episodes more than once.
We can suggest you watch The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Friends, and more. They are hilarious and offer hours of laughter to the public. Moreover, it is proven that sitcoms might help you to learn informal communication, and how people are using phrases in sentences. Combination with grammar lessons will help you to learn even faster.

2. Stand-Up

Besides the TV shows, you can also find many people who are excellent animators. There are various Stand-Up comedies available on YouTube, Netflix, and other online platforms. The process of learning is the same as with TV series. Also, there is an advantage since the spokesman is often speaking much slower and clear to make sure that everyone can hear and understand his jokes. Besides that, they usually take short breaks between sketches. Therefore, it will be easier for you to concentrate, or even write down new words along with their use in sentences.

3. Use Subtitles

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It can be very important to add subtitles to video content, especially if you just started with your lessons. You will need some time until you manage to catch up with words and understand the basics. You can focus on listening and reading the subtitles at the same time. Moreover, you can write the sentences and learn more about their form.

After you reach a certain level, we suggest you start using English subtitles. That way, you fill some gaps related to grammar and vocabulary. In the beginning, learning grammar can be very difficult. However, when you understand the form and how to use words in sentences, you should focus on increasing your vocabulary.

4. Anecdotes

We can find this content in different forms. For example, you can hear people who can make some anecdotes as part of their performance, or find a website or a book where you can read many of them. The main reason why it is so efficient is that it will make you more interested in reading or listening. Also, you might involve more effort to try to understand the jokes. Standard methods might appear more challenging since they are not as entertaining and engaging as this form of learning.

5. Best Movies That Can Help

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As we already mentioned, the video content that shows situations of informal communication and clear sentences is the best way to help non-English people to understand and learn the language. In that matter, comedy is the best option. For example, the movie Break Up is full of dialogues that are quite simple to understand, and people can easily catch some phrases and new words.

Also, there are other excellent options as well, such as Yes Man, Police Academy, The Hangover, Home Alone, and much more. All of these movies are showing expressions of people and how they are interacting in standard, daily circumstances. Even those interested in a more formal model of learning should try this method. It is much harder to learn the form used in business and formal situations.


With all of these features, the simple conclusion is that people who are learning English can benefit a lot by watching comedy shows. The same is with other genres as well, as long as they keep you engaged. Also, we have to mention video games. There are chat rooms in most multiplayer titles, and unless you are playing on a domestic server, most players will use English to communicate. This is another efficient method that can affect your learning skills as well.

Also, social media and other platforms are great solutions. There are special platforms for people interested in learning new languages, like Duolingo, where you can meet people online, and ask them for help. The platforms have an excellent design that is giving certain suggestions according to the level of knowledge of participants. It is proven as quite effective. Also, it is free website, which is especially good when we compare it with prices of some language courses today.