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Know About The Different Schemes Of The Dominica Citizenship Investment

by Sinke Car

Have you ever come across any investment scheme that offers citizenship of a country for investing in real estate? If not then you might never have heard about Dominica island country as this place is actually famous for the scheme of investment.

This scheme took quite some time to get highlighted but once people started knowing about it they were literally crazy about getting the citizenship of the island country of the Caribbean Sea, which signifies that the benefits list is more than just citizenship. The scheme came up due to the need to invest.


The government of the country felt and as it is clear that the scheme is still a big-time hit, which is a great thing for the country as well as for the investors, because both sides got equally benefited by the scheme. Now before anything else lets us know a bit about the country itself. If you would try to search out then you would find that this is a very beautiful country which is more famous as an island that is situated in the Caribbean Sea.


The beauty that the place possesses is beyond anything and if you are a nature lover then this place would prove out to be like a heaven on earth for you. The lush green plants over the valley would give you real nature goals and if you are a sea lover then you need to be in this country. What if you get the chance of being a citizen of this country rather than just a traveler? Sounds interesting right? If you are still wondering about what the scheme is actually about then here is everything that you need to know about the Dominica citizenship by investing in real estate:

What Dominica citizenship is actually:

Dominica is an old country that was there on the Caribbean Sea and people used to reside there since 13th century. Right after that Dominica came under the British rule and had to fight a lot for getting the independence and finally in the year 1978 the country succeeded.


Beside celebrating the independence of the country it worried the then government because the country was facing great loss of revenue and all the natural sources were near to extinction and there were no economical support. So, the government feared the country would not be able to stand up ever again and if any economic hardship would again take place then no one would be there to save the country. This thought troubled everyone back then.

This thought of being under colonial rule made them think over and then they came up with such investment plans and the Dominica citizenship plan over-investment has to be one of them and you would be amazed to know that this plan is among the oldest such plans. It is the oldest one which makes it trustable and since the output is more than the input so investor seems quite interested in investing in the government funds on this country.


This plan of investment came in the year 1993 and since then it is just growing popularity in a very successful way. It was a great thing for sure and this plan is for both individuals and families.

Overview of the citizenship program of Dominica:

As the scheme stood out quite successful, it arranged monetary investment for the country in a short period of time and that is the reason that this country started developing soon after. The development track of the country was not only very fast but at the same time it was quite fast as well. This scheme is the reason that Dominica became the fastest growing country that allows dual citizenship which is amazing and people loved this as well.


This scheme is looked after the ministry of finance of the country because the financial investment is the only to avail this citizenship. That is the reason that established businessman, celebs, as well as government bodies of different countries, enjoy this offer by the beautiful island country Dominica. There are some basics for making a purchase of the land in the country that you would have to go through if you wish to own some assets on Dominica.

Investment schemes:


Now this might look easy but it is not just like scooping up butter rather the procedure may give you a hard time but once the formalities would be done then everything would go smoothly. Thereafter, as it would not take much time for the processing but before that you would have to know about the investment as there are types of investments available and every investment has different facilities as well. So, here is everything that you need to know about the investments of the government funds of the island country of the Caribbean Sea Dominica:

Non-refundable investment:

This investment would be non-refundable as it says and here you would have to make a donation to the government funds of the country and here you would have to invest at least USD 100k if the investor is going to have the citizenship only but in case it is for the family of 4 then the amount would increase to USD 200k which seems all right and it is clearly visible that if you are getting the citizenship for the family of four then you would be able to save on some amount which is, of course, a great thing for sure and with this investment scheme there is no such chance to get any refund or money later on.

Government-approved real estate investment scheme:


This investment scheme is, of course, superior to the other but at the same time it is more expensive but the good thing is that you would be able to sell this to another investor after the time-lapse of 3 to 4 years but here you would have to make an investment of about USD 200,000 or above but here 7 members of your family would be able to enjoy the citizenship so if you own a big family then this scheme would be perfect for you.

Where to reach out if you want to invest?

Well, there are so many investment sites but the most trusted one out there is DominicaCitizenship.com and apart from applying you would also be able to calculate the benefit-cost of your investment and additional information would also be easy to know through this site.


These were everything that you need to know about the types of investment that you can do for the citizenship scheme of Dominica.