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Kim Kardashian Trolled for Decorating Her House with ‘Tampons’ for Christmas

by Tracy Finke

Kim Kardashian decorated her luxury house for holidays, and could hardly wait to brag about her Christmas adornments to her followers on Instagram. However, most fans were not overly enthusiastic. They even mocked her harshly.

The reality star has decorated the living room with items that, according to the comments, look like tampons and s*x toys.

Image source: people.com

Those were actually white, tall figures of various shapes. People were shocked by the aesthetic insensitivity of the 39-year-old star and hadn’t stop joking about her festive decorations.

Image source: buzzfeed.com, upnewsinfo.com

It didn’t take long for Internet “trolls” to make mimes and all kinds of jokes at Kim’s winter-snow inspired accessories.

“Welcome to Kim Kardashian’s tutorial on how to decorate a holiday home. You’ll need ten rolls of toilet paper and a sharp knife,” one wrote on Twitter.

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Another wrote: “Kim Kardashian decorates home with large, white Christmas di**os.”

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How do the decorations in the Kardashian house look like to you?

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