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Jennifer Garner Forbid Ben Ben Affleck To See Children, And All Because Of J.Lo !?

by Nebojša Vujinović

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez shook the world when they renewed the romance that ended in 2004. However, not everyone looks so kindly in their love.

The news of their reconciliation shocked the world public, 17 years after they put an end to the love.  Latino diva and famous actor decided to give love another chance. Newspaper columns contain at least one piece of news about them almost every day, and the latest photos from a romantic vacation in Miami have delighted many fans. However, not everyone reacted well to the new-old love.

source: media1.popsugar-assets.com

According to some sources, Jennifer Garner, Ben’s ex-wife with whom he has three children, daughters Violet and Serafina, and son Samuel, is fiercely opposed to his new relationship, and how serious she is in that is said to be that she banned Jennifer Lopez to approach her children.

“Jen is very sad about all this with J.Lo because she is aware of how unstable Ben is at the moment and how confusing this renewal of old love must be. He has been lost for some time, and that is evident from such reckless and sudden decisions. But, as always, Ben does not want anyone’s help, so this time he will get burned on his skin, but Jen has had enough – says an unnamed source for the media.”

Because of the experience with Ben’s ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas, Jennifer Garner decided not to include their children in their father’s love life this time.

source: leftoye.com

“When Ben was with Ana de Armas, Jennifer did not mind her being involved in the lives of their three children, primarily because she thought that the relationship was serious and led to a common future. But, after their separation, she decided that she no longer wanted to involve the children in her father’s love life, so she forbade Ben to introduce the children to Jay Lo. She is aware that this is just a passing adventure and her children do not need another person who will get into their lives overnight and leave them just as quickly”, the source concluded.

As a reminder, Jennifer Garner was married to Ben from 2005 to 2018, and despite the rather turbulent media coverage during their divorce, the duo remained friends, mostly because of the children, who should not suffer because of their parents’ divorce.