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How to Make Money Using Email Lists?

by Elsa Stringer

Every morning we all have the same routine like waking up from sleep, taking a big yawn, looking around for phone, having a cup of tea and opening our laptop for checking emails. They are full of different offers, coupons, discounts, and selling of products and services. Receiving and checking email is an indispensable part of our life. Every communication whether it is personal or professional is done through by sending email.


With every passing day, there is an increase in the number of electronic mail we receive. Everyone is using email to make money. Trust us there is a significant amount of revenue which is generated from emails. If you plan to invest $1 to send an electronic message you can get an ROI (return on Investment) around $120. Email marketing outperforms every day comparing to other channels.


You must be thinking is it at all achievable? Can we make money? Is sending an email can give us a huge return on our investment? No! Actually, you cannot earn money through email but from the list that you will use to reach out to your targeted customers. You can get useful email database from https://www.uscompanieslist.com/, which will yield the desired result for your campaign.

According to some statistics, email marketing has the highest ROI compared to other channels which can be as high as 3800%. Here we are sharing couple of ways on how to make money using lists:

1. Selling product on the thank you page: First way to monetize your database is through thank you opt-in page. When the customer is opting in your offer this means they are interested in your services and products. Don’t delay; get your subscribers to be your customers right now.


2. Replay your campaign: If you are running a targeted campaign then there must be couple of campaigns through which you must have yield maximum of your ROI. Use them again and make money instantly. Just because you are earning good ROI do not run the campaign frequently. It gives any negative vibes to the customers.

3. List segmentation: When you segment your customer’s list you can get maximum ROI. If you target it to mass then the return can decrease because everyone has different needs or looking for different products. Therefore segmentation is the best thing that will give you an idea of what to sell to each segment.

4. Up-sell in your list: Whenever you are selling a product and you receive amazing reply to the email. It’s the time; try to up-sell it in your next electronic message. Sell another product with the existing one. For example: If you are selling a mobile phone, you can up-sell earphone with it, like: “How about buying an earphone with the phone?”


5. Another part is down-sell: Whenever you find out that the customer who was about to purchase your product and service but for some reason they declined the product. Reason can be many, to retain your customer you should down-sell it by offering them a lowered price or discount.

6. Cross selling the product: When users buy a product, you can motivate them to buy an additional product. This can be said as add-on product. For example Amazon is an example for cross – selling; they generate almost 35% of revenue from cross-selling.


7. Email abandoned shopping cart: There are many customers who abandon their products in the cart even when they like it. You can retarget them through another email, even providing a discount can be helpful. Abandoning cart is a real problem and maximum of the sites face the same issue.

It’s possible to make decent amount of money from the email database. Research, design and work on it properly to double your investment. Be a regular source of value to the customers who trusts you and stay with you.