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The Invention Of Light

by Tracy Finke

Since the inception of the world, mankind has been subject to constant evolution. In the beginning, man only identified their means of survival. For them finding food, water and shelter was of utmost importance.

But it did not take long for them to realize there was something else in their life that they needed. They slowly realized that as the day turned to night, they needed light. They were very vulnerable to wild animals, and they needed something that will not only illuminate the night, but help them scare away the beasts as well,

Light is not only light a great defense against hostile wolves and tigers, but it is  a source of warmth too. Then, the fire was discovered. We don’t really know exactly how fore was discovered. Our early ancestors may have accidentally created a spark with their flint tools, or a tree branch may have gotten hit by lightning and a fire got started.

Whatever the reason may be, fire is a revolutionary event, and it has changed the destiny of the entire human race. It has allowed us to cook our food, create weapons and even set up empires, all because of fire.

The invention of fire was perhaps the most profound invention made on this planet. It has revolutionized the way we see things. Many great thinkers that came before us have made discoveries on the premise of fire. We even found new ways to build weapons.

Source: insider.com

Thomas Edison was the first man to ever formally introduce the concept of light. He presented the idea of a light bulb. This was a relatively new idea but was significant for shaping the future. The lightbulb represented what light would look like apart from fire.

Since the first models of the lightbulb had been presented, there have been multiple other designs.  These designs advanced how bulbs were made, and how they are used by various people. We will talk more about them further on in the article.

Most things go through a process of improvement until a final product is reached. The lightbulb is different in that way. Many of the old models with filaments are still used today. Other models include LEDs, colored filaments, and CFLs.

LEDs And Their Advantages

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Many people have now decided to switch to LEDs from conventional light bulbs. This is major because they are more energy-efficient. In this day and age where sustainability is key, it is important to think that way when it comes to light too.

1. LEDs Lasts Longer

One of the best things about LEDs is that they have a longer lifespan. LED lights are specially designed to utilize less energy as well. Their longevity and efficient energy usage makes them a more economical choice.

2. They Could Function In Rough Environments

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Due to their design, they  perform a lot better in colder temperatures as compared to conventional light bulbs. They also are proven to be better for the environment, as they emit less heat. These are only some of the reasons many people are changing their minds about LEDs. If you also wish to switch to LEDs you can find them at https://www.vorlane.com/.

3. LEDs Are Easier To Customize

LEDs operate on low voltage and also have design flexibility. This makes LED lights more customizable, and could be used for various lighting methods.

4. They Are More Economical

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In some areas of the world, LEDs are much cheaper than conventional bulbs due to them being the better option for the environment. But In others, they are more expensive. If you are looking to switch to LEDs but are not doing so because they are expensive you can look for options. LED bulb manufacturers in China usually sell their high-quality products at comparatively cheaper rates.

Overall, LEDs present several advantages to the user. We recommend opting for LEDs if you have the budget to do so. The final result will be worth the price tag. Alternatively, below are the effects you can expect from different lights.

Effect Of Different Lights On Your Home

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All home décor enthusiasts would know that good lighting is key to unlocking the full potential of your home. The lights on the outside of your home and the inside, all matter. Their placements and their colors. The light in a room can help you determine the mood you want in that room. If a room has accents of yellow light, it shows that you wanted that room to be bright.

More light means less moody tones. Less light would indicate a focus on one particular thing. This type of light can be found in most dining rooms, where the light is focused on the food, rather than the people. Light can also be used to make certain objects stand out. If the light is placed on one piece it will be highlighted.

If there is one chair in your room that you want to highlight, you could set a lap next to it, or over it. Many people set chairs as statement pieces in their homes. Plastic chair production is becoming more popular with each passing day. This is because, like LEDs, they are the cheaper and more effective option for homeowners.


We look around us and we can see the impact that innovation has had on our lives. Without the constant will for innovation, we would have not reached where we are today. The lightbulb has proven to be the most significant invention of our time. It can turn night into day.

There is so much in our lives that are dependent on this invention. If a way to preserve light had not been made we would never be able to work after the day was over. Our entire lives would be dependent on the Sun and its presence. Therefore we must do everything in our power to preserve this light. The simplest thing we can do is switch to LEDs.