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Things To Inform A Plumbing Company Before, During And After Their Work – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Plumbing service guarantees 100% help and satisfaction to all their customers across, but as a customer, you also have a share of responsibilities to do ensuring that the service you will get is actually what you need.

There are some instances when the plumbing company is not at fault when an order or service was not done as expected. There are some cases that the result of unsatisfactory work is from the miscommunication between the plumber and the customer.

There are many things one must tell a plumbing company to ensure that the right job will be served.

Before Work

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Below are some of the things a customer needs to say and clarify before the work starts:

  • Timeline

Make sure that you ask for a timeline. Included on it are:

  • When do you expect to start the plumbing project
  • When will it finish
  • What time will you start working
  • When will I see improvements

The clearer the timeline, the better. Also, it is highly suggested that you include the timeline on your contract, so it will be done as is.

  • Estimated price

Estimation of the price is best to ask before the project starts. Some of the things that should be discussed about the price are:

  • What is included in the package
  • When do you need my payments
  • Can I pay half before the project starts and half when it is finish
  • What are the payment methods do you accept, is credit card payments okay
  • Can you give me a discounted price

You are not obliged to get their service when you ask for estimation, this is actually a good way for you to compare one company’s service to another.

  • Warranty

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Before you sign a contract make sure that the warranty information is clearly stated on it. You would not want to end up getting denied with your warranty claims simply because it is not on paper.

If you have questions about their warranty, make sure to ask and make it crystal clear before agreeing.

  • Professionals who will be working on the project

Make sure that you know who are the professionals who are working on your plumbing project. For big businesses, the person you are talking to might be just a representative and not the person who will repair, maintain or install your plumbing fixture.

Asking who will work on your project is necessary. Once you have the names, it is best to search for their backgrounds, education, experience and expertise.

During The Project

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There are also things to discuss while the project or the job order is being performed, and some of them are:

  • Testing of the fixture installed

Do not wait for the plumbers to leave before checking on the fixture. It is best to cheak it right away and if you see no satisfaction with the service they provide, make sure they will redo it immediately.

If you let them leave the facility before testing the newly installed or repaired sink, you may need to wait for a few days for it to get fixed, Testing it while they are there is a better and wiser idea.

  • Plumbing tips

Take advantage of the time the plumbers are there, ask as many questions as you can and make sure these questions are only related to their job. Some of the things to ask are:

  • How can I stop the same plumbing issue to reoccur?
  • Can I use this instead of that?

After The Project

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Once the project or the job order is done, there are things you also have to discuss with either the plumber or the plumbing company.

  • A person who will attend to your needs in case you need rework

If you want the same person to provide you the plumbing service, make sure to let the plumbing company knows about it and vice versa.

  • Rate their service

It is your responsibility to share with the public your satisfaction and dissatisfaction with the service you receive. Hop on to their social media account and do not forget to rate their service and provide the reason for giving that score.

Like if you get the service from metropolitanplumbing.com.au, make sure that they will be rated accordingly so others would know what to expect from their service.

If you were able to discuss all of the above with your plumber or plumbing company, you are not only expecting a good and satisfactory service but you are also building a good relationship with these professionals.

Being open with your plumbers can help you achieve your goals at a much faster pace.


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It is necessary that you discuss everything you want to discuss with your plumber as long as it is related to their job, there is nothing you should be worried or reluctant about. With such discussions, you are giving yourself the opportunity to enjoy a plumbing service and result better, and the plumbing company a chance to prove its worth.


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Plumbing is doubtlessly a professional kind of thing. This is why a few things should be kept under profound consideration through which the quality of plumbing company and plumber can be ensured during the work and after the work is done. Above all, it should be observed thoroughly that the tasks that are to be done through the plumbing in accordance with the requirement of the place.

During plumbing, the tools that are used must be up to the mark and workable. In addition to this, the standard performance of the work should also be ensured by both of the parties. Moreover, a plumber must be an educated and well trained in order to provide a qualitative work to the needy one. Through all this, the maintenance of the plumbing and better services can be ascertained. At last, all the completed work by a plumber can portray details about its work and performance.