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8 Tips on How to Improve Your Accuracy When Playing Call of Duty Vanguard

by Tracy Finke

Accuracy in a video game is the key factor in scoring more points or going to the next level in the game. There are some basic techniques in improving the accuracy of a game. Call of Duty: Vanguard is also not an exception to it.

Call of Duty: Vanguard can give you the various experiences of playing a game in the virtual world. You can play it in various multiplayer modes, even with a zombie experience. There are various new contents, and you will have to find one of the best elements. As a player, it is your task to find the best settings to improve your game. Besides adjusting the settings, some other factors can improve your accuracy. You can watch  Lfcarry for further tutorials as well.

Techniques To Improve Your Accuracy

1. Change Field Of View

Source: gamesradar.com

FOV (Field of View) slider is a relatively new feature. It makes you situationally aware of what is going around you. You can increase FOV to have a better view of the battlefield. You can increase FOV to a maximum limit of 120. But you should keep in mind that going above 107 while using a controller will invalidate aim assist. Therefore the limit of 95-105 is perfect for the controller user.

There is also the option of an Independent or Affected FOV besides the standard FOV slider. You can have a zoomed view by setting your FOV to an Independent slider. An affected FOV is a better option for players who find the shifting between the standard FOV setting and the zoomed-in FOV jarring.

2. Combat Pacing

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It is the first game that includes the feature of combat pacing. With the help of this feature, you can decide against how many players you can fight in a match. There are three modes of combat pacing, including Tactical, Assault, and Blitz.

Tactical mode is recognized as 6v6 teams. Assault or Blitz pacing modes are for many players and more enemies. Once you become comfortable with typical enemy paths, you can go for Assault and Blitz.

3. Set Sensitivity

You need to adjust the settings to succeed in multiplayer games as a player. The Call of Duty: Vanguard is also not an exception to it. In this multiplayer game also, you will have a plethora of opportunities to adjust your settings that can affect everything from the depth of field while aiming to what audio plays through which specific source.

However, you may have to face challenges while finding an appropriate setting. One of the best options to test different settings is to load into a private custom game. It will allow you to try various options without lasting negative effects on your Elim/death ratio. One of the first settings required to adjust is aim sensitivity. It affects the responsiveness and movements of the character, which is based on the thumbstick or mouse.

4. Study Map

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By studying the maps diligently, you can improve your long-term stats. It is useful even for a casual player to understand the structure of each map, including chokepoints and sniper nests. You will understand where the chokepoints are located and how to counter power positions like sniper nests.

You can overcome the opposition by playing to your strength. Therefore it is important to figure out which side of the map best suits your playstyle and stick to it when possible.

5. Use New Equipment’s

Instead of using the same existing weapons, you can experiment with new weapons, attachments, perks, and killstreaks. These types of equipment will work the best with your particular play style and preferences.

As you progress at every level, your weapons will also get unlocked. Even though you are not a fan of STG-44, you will have to use an LMG. You should not hesitate to test a new weapon although you are using the available weapons with you.

Many other weapons are available which you can use in various game levels that will also help you increase your powers and accuracy.

6. Focus on Attachment

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Weapons unlock new attachments by earning their XP. One of the benefits of switching up attachments and weapons is that you can try out new playstyles besides keeping the multiplayer experience fresh.

Each new attachment changes your current weapon, including the increased recoil control or decreased aim down sight speed. If a player wants to run into the heat of battle, you will have to focus on attachments that will improve your sprint to sight time, letting you ADS more quickly after running.

7. Save Up for Extra Lives in Champion Hill

In Champion hill mode, money management is an important component. You should make decisions carefully while purchasing perks, killstreaks, or lasting gun upgrades. You should not worry when you fall behind on life as you are free to spend a big amount of cash on an extra life. It will be convenient for you during the final fight. This will be beneficial when you are fighting against an already ahead team. It will also give you a chance to come to the top.

8. Covenants Are Vital for Zombie Mode

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When you are in zombie mode, there will be an altar of the covenants in the hub. You can earn sacrificial hearts by completing objectives throughout the match by granting you a choice of three randomized covenants.

You can trade these hearts at the altar. Each covenant will bring you a unique bonus like greater melee damage or a chance to keep the equipment even after using it. You can improve your run by buying these upgrades. So you should make sure to pick the Covenants that synergize with your other perks to be the ultimate zombie slayer.


There are many other ways of increasing your accuracy while Playing Call of Duty Vanguard. The aforementioned techniques are some of these options by using which you can excellently improve your accuracy.