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Why Is It Important To Do Pre-Employment Screening Checks? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

Employees are an asset to a company. Recruiting new employees for the company is a big investment and utilization of the company’s resources, time, and money. An employee will work for the company for a long time and will help the company to reach new milestones by working efficiently by achieving their targets. Hence, recruiting qualified candidates is very important for the company as well as for the employees, which can be done by performing screening checks before conducting an interview.

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Importance of pre-employment screening checks

  • To verify the candidate is qualified

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Many people are in the habit of providing information in their C.V. that isn’t true about their educational qualifications and previous work experience. It is important to do a pre-employment screening check of every candidate to verify if the information provided by the candidate is true and they have enough documents and certificates to prove if they qualify for the job or not.

A candidate is recruited based on their aptitude and skills, which come from education and experience. If a company hires an unqualified candidate, it may lead to inefficiency in performing the assigned task. The company might also miss the opportunity to hire someone qualified and deserving for the job profile.

  • To perform a character check

People often lie when they are asked to introduce themselves in an interview. Lying about themselves is a sign of dishonesty and depicts what kind of a person they are. It is important to do pre-employment screening checks of the candidate’s character to ensure that the company is hiring people who have good character traits.

Several private companies and government jobs require a character certificate before they hire you for the job. A character certificate is generally issued by the police to ascertain and identify any criminal records, convictions, or legal proceedings against the candidate. This promotes good behavior and a peaceful environment among the employees. This can be done by verifying the CV of the applicant before sending them an invite for the interview.

  • To keep the workplace safe

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An unsafe workplace will lead to fear within the employees which may lead to inefficiency in work, and also many will quit work there. This can also create a bad reputation for the company. A company must ensure its employees are working in a safe environment, and the workplace should not have people who can cause danger or harm other employees.

Recruiters should verify whether the candidate was involved in any illegal activity or has a criminal record while doing screening checks before the interview. Hence, it is important to do pre-employment screening checks to make the workplace safer for the employees, customers, and the company as well.

  • To reduce the company’s liability

Recruiting someone who doesn’t have a good character and reputation or someone who is involved in illegal activities can make other employees or customers feel insecure, and they may even file a lawsuit against the company, or if any incident happens in the workplace, the company may have to incur unnecessary expenses dealing with the damage done.

Pre-employment screening checks must be done to reduce the company’s liability, and the company doesn’t have to deal with any unnecessary expenses because of any employee and avoid lawsuits and can have a good reputation in the market.

  • To avoid poor recruitment

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A company might want to avoid poor recruitment by doing pre-employment screening checks on the candidates who they call for interviews. A recruitment process takes lots of time and is expensive too. Recruiting someone unqualified is a wastage of the company’s resources, time, and money. It also reduces the efficiency of the company to meet its goals and targets.

A company will have to invest time and money again on recruiting new employees if they end up hiring unqualified candidates. Also, poor recruitment will make a bad reputation of the company, and people usually avoid giving interviews in companies with a poor recruitment process, and this may reduce the morale of candidates who are actually deserving for the job.

  • Assessing candidate’s true potential

A candidate can work more efficiently if he is hired for the right job. To determine a candidate’s true potential, assessing a candidate is essential by performing pre-employment screening checks. Sometimes a candidate is unaware of his actual skills and talents. This also helps the recruiters to avoid poor recruitment and hire based on evidence-based recruitment.

A company can assist certain tasks and even conduct an aptitude test to obtain data-driven results and get the best knowledge about a candidate’s true potential. A candidate’s skills and aptitude may be more suitable for a different job role which can allow them to show their real worth and will help the company to achieve new milestones.

Final Thoughts

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A candidate’s screening is the most crucial task that must be done carefully to hire the best-qualified applicants for the job role. The future of the company depends on the new recruitments, and it is the responsibility of the hiring manager to ensure pre-employment screening checks are done carefully. Performing screening checks is a valid recruitment process to avoid poor recruitment and hire applicants based on their true potential.

Recruitment based on incomplete results can lead to recruiting undeserving and unqualified candidates and also reduces the morale of deserving candidates. This is a huge responsibility for hiring managers, and sometimes it can be overwhelming too, but the future of the company’s growth depends on this, and with increasing competition performing quality pre-employment screening checks is mandatory nowadays.