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Budget-friendly Exotic Destinations That Are Open to Us Tourists – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has changed the travel scene throughout the world. While many countries are now winning the battle against the deadly virus, a few are still witnessing a surge in infections. But the good news is that humankind has started to get back to normalcy. Hotels around the world have started welcoming guests and airlines are taking passengers from one corner of the globe to the other. If you too have been locked in your house for too long and the adventurer in you is itching to set off to an exotic location, here is the list of some incredible international travel destinations that are now welcoming US tourists.

Book Flight Tickets to Antigua and Barbuda

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There can be nothing better than experiencing nature in its most pristine form. Antigua and Barbuda in the eastern Caribbean can be your perfect escape to shake off the weariness of the dismal pandemic scenario. The independent nation, loaded with historical sites and sheltered bays, is now welcoming travellers from most countries in the world, including the United States. The laid back country is extremely inexpensive thus you can spend some good time here without exceeding spending a fortune on flight tickets and accommodation.

Find Airlines Tickets to Puerto Rico in your Budget

How about enjoying an exotic island vacation without worrying about your visa, passport or currency exchange? Puerto Rico, a commonwealth of the United States, boasts everything you will expect from an exotic island destination – natural wonders, unique culture, sun and surf. Beyond the breath-taking beaches, the Caribbean island offers subtropical forests dotted with hiking trails and waterfalls. Isn’t it everything you, the traveller, were craving form? The airline’s tickets to Puerto Rico were the cheapest in April 2024 and it hasn’t yet increased much. Start looking for your cheap flights and hotels now as mid-April to June is the best time to visit Puerto Rico for budget travellers.

Visit Ecuador with Cheap Airline Tickets

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Brimming with colonial architecture, scenic landscapes and indigenous culture Ecuador makes for a fascinating getaway in South America. The inexpensive country is bliss for budget travellers. Accommodation and dining costs in Ecuador are significantly less and you should start looking for cheap airline tickets at least a couple of months before your travel dates. Testing and quarantine are exempted for fully vaccinated people, except in some circumstances.

Find Discount Flights to Portugal

Looking for a getaway in Europe? Portugal is a gem of a destination, perfect for you dream trip. Travellers who have been to this exquisite country say that it’s no less pretty than France, Italy or Spain. The good news for you is that a trip to this Western European country costs way lesser than its neighbours. Please note that testing and quarantine may be required for travellers. Accommodation and dining charges in Portugal are way lesser than most European countries. More airlines are connecting it to various cities in the US through multiple flights like myflightsearch. With more flight choices, you have better opportunities to snag cheap flight tickets to Portugal.

Thailand with Cheap Flight Tickets

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Got a US passport? Then, visit this one of a kind country alone or with your family. You are guaranteed to have the time of your life that too without digging too deep into your pocket. This Southeast Asian country is revered for its spicy cuisine and beautiful beaches. Tourists are yet to arrive to Bangkok and Chiang Mai in big numbers and the accommodation and flight tickets are the lowest in the last couple of years. If you start your bargain hunting now, you may easily find cheap flight tickets to Thailand.

Book Plane Tickets to Turkey

Turkey, a stunning country that straddles Europe and Asia, has so much to offer for a reasonably low price. From ancient monuments to vibrant culture to amazing food scenes to scenic beauty – the country brims with an endless list of things that will mesmerize you. From urban Istanbul to its countryside, Turkey is completely open to explore. Testing may be done, but quarantine isn’t required. The best time to visit Turkey is from September to November, which means you have plenty of time to book your plane tickets. But remember, last-minute flights or flights within fourteen days from the date of travel may be expensive.

Although all these countries are open for US travellers, we recommend you to read about the testing and quarantine requirements on the website of the US Embassy.

  • Dress Comfortably

Loose-fitting clothes are the best for long haul flights. Preferably wear them in layers as most international flights tend to be very chilly even in summers. Socks to keep your feet warm and slip-on shoes that can be easily taken off and put back on for trips to the loo can make your journey really easy. Another handy piece of dressing on a long-haul flight is a scarf which can help keep you warm and also double up as an eye mask if you forgot to carry one.

  • Carry your sleeping essentials

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The best way to survive a long-haul flight is to sleep through it. A blanket to cover you up is one of the best essentials to carry in a long-haul flight, more so if you are flying economy class. A neck pillow can also help to keep you stable and provide enough support for the head and back while an eye mask will help in case of excessive lighting in the aircraft. Last but not the least, noise-cancelling headphones cut down on all the noise you don’t want to fall on your ears. Avoid booking last minute flights and packing these essentials at the last moment.

  • Keep yourself hydrated and moisturized

Most travellers can experience dry skin and lips during long haul flights because of the dry air in the plane. A small bottle of moisturizer would always help in that case. Also, drinking plenty of water and avoiding caffeinated drinks is one of the top ways to avoid being groggy at the end of the flight.