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How to Implement Solar Energy Systems in Poultry Farms

by Nina Smith

Even though it sounds straightforward, the concept of renewable energy has been misunderstood for a long time. However, it was evaluated several times in the last couple of decades, and today, we have a proper understanding of the concept. Therefore, nobody should be surprised that there are many ways to produce it. The main renewable energy sources are water, wind, and the sun. Naturally, not all of them are equally effective.

The energy produced from water as a source is the most effective one today. After water, sun energy is the most effective one with today’s technology. The wind is currently the least effective one. However, the developments in the last few years show that it has great potential yet to be uncovered. But when we are talking about producing energy solely for households, the solar approach is the most effective one by far. They can provide enough energy for some smaller companies and farms.

Therefore, you will see there are many companies that invested significant money into these. With the further modernization of technology, they will become even more effective. A good example of the implementation of this approach is when we find them installed in poultry farms. If you want to purchase equipment to help with poultry farms, visit https://texha.com/.

Today, we want to talk about the implementation procedure. Without further ado, let’s begin.

Understanding the Solar Potential

Understanding the Solar Potential

Source: solarpowerworldonline.com

First, you need to understand your poultry farm’s solar potential. Investing in the potential is crucial before finding the technology you can install and making your farm self-sustainable. Of course, you will need to find a professional who can make these assessments for you. It is a highly complex process. Plus, it is quite costly. So, making a mistake will lead to money-wasting, which nobody wants.

Naturally, the most significant element to consider is exposure to the sun. What does this mean? It means the number of hours when the sun touches the technology should be higher than average. Surely, this depends on the needs of the farm. Nevertheless, purchasing technology requires thorough research before determining how much capacity you need to ensure sustainability. Without the help of professionals, this is not possible.

The professional will use numerous mapping services to help determine the capacity needed for that particular farm. By doing so, the size of the system will be determined. Besides the capacity, the professional will recommend the type of equipment you need to purchase. Another significant aspect is comprehending the shades created by trees nearby and many other aspects that will determine the outcome.

Estimating the Needs

Estimating the Needs of solar panels

Source: sympl.pk

After you understand the location’s potential, the next step is to estimate the needs. Of course, the needs are determined by how big your farm is. The size of the farm means the square meters it covers and how much poultry you have. Poultry requires a lot of energy since heating the space where they are located is a must. Otherwise, they will not be able to survive during colder temperatures.

The same can be said about the higher temperatures when you need to use AC to knock the temperatures down. By considering all the elements, you can estimate the needs of your farm, and only then is it recommendable to make the purchase. Of course, this estimation is not easy and requires a lot of effort on your behalf. Arm yourself with patience and start conducting the procedure.

The Installment

The Installment of solar panels

Source: forbes.com

The installment procedure is the most complex element. We are talking about using all the parts, putting them in the right place, and finding the best position for them to gather the most sunlight. There are two possibilities in this case. The first one is to place the panels on the rooftop. Another option is to place them on sticks placed on the ground. The decision should depend on the approximations of the professional you have hired.

Besides that, the professional will determine how far these will be apart from each other. Once again, conducting this process requires much knowledge and experience. Many do not understand, but the distance between these is crucial since it will determine the effectiveness. So, we do not recommend anyone start the installation without the help of professionals since mistakes tend to be quite costly.

Wiring is another important aspect to consider. Connecting these is different from basic electric wiring; doing it yourself is not recommendable. The process has its rules, and even the professional must follow instructions carefully. That’s the only way the installment procedure can be completed without mistakes.

The Main Characteristics of Solar Energy

The Main Characteristics of Solar Energy

Source: pv-magazine.com

Finally, we want to address the main characteristics of solar energy, which will help you understand just how effective it is for your poultry farm. The most important characteristic you need to understand is that renewable energy is inexhaustible. It means that you can replenish it whenever you need it. Of course, you must be careful about your capacities, which are determined by the equipment you have.

The second characteristic we want to emphasize is that solar energy is completely clean. In this day and age, we know just how big the problems with the environment are. So, it is important to use completely clean production processes. Solar energy procedure is just that. Therefore, you will not need to worry about the potential problems associated with other processes, even renewable ones.

The final important characteristic is competitiveness. Why is this important to understand? The competitiveness means that the investments in this technology are high. However, maintenance costs are not nearly as high as with many similar processes. Therefore, it is possible to stay competitive in the market and even have the upper hand in many situations you will come across.

The Bottom Line

Having a poultry farm to care for is not a walk in the park. It comes with many responsibilities, and you should pay attention to many aspects before you are ready to be successful. Here, you can find tips on what to do before and when installing solar energy panels to power the farm