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Immigration Checklist: Things To Do Before Moving To The Usa From Ireland

by Edvard Berlusconi

The US has become most people’s dream destination, and it is all for the right reasons. There is more to this land than booze shamrocks, and you will enjoy living there. From amiable people, beautiful sceneries, fantastic weather to loads of fun things to do. Living in the USA is a dream come true. What’s more? The place is filled with a range of opportunities, not to forget that it is a great place for unwinding.

However, immigrating to the US is a real task, but to make things easier for you, here is a list of the essential things you need to know before moving to the USA.

Visa application


The first must-have thing for moving to the USA is a Visa. This acts as the permit to show that you are allowed to stay there. You should, however, note that obtaining the visa is not an easy thing, but with a US immigration lawyer for Ireland, everything is bound to be easy. You, however, need to look for reliable attorneys such as solutionsinlaw.ie to increase your odds of getting the immigration permit and get it fast.

Get your passport ready


You must ensure that you have all the required documents to get in the USA. You should create a checklist to ensure that you do not leave anything behind. Among the necessary documents is your passport. Ensure that your passport is valid or is at least six months away from the expiry date. Just like the Visa, your passport is your traveling identification document. It shows who you are and if you are allowed to be in a particular country. It is more like an identification card, but in this case, you can use it in foreign lands.

Check your finances


You need enough money to take you through the period you are planning to stay in the USA. Staying in a foreign land can be hard at first, but that is only if you do not expect it. The government will not allow you to go there if you are not financially ready.

It would be better if you apply for transactions, savings, and deposits accounts online to help you manage your finances. Also, if you do not have a credit card, apply for one before leaving for the US or ensure that you have everything required when applying for one while in the US. You may get a loan if you realize that you do not have enough money, but in whatever you do, ensure you are not hurting your credit report.

Ensure your health is in check


Again, you do not want to go to a foreign land only to suffer due to health complications. You also do not want to get surprises once you are already there, and it is, therefore, best that ensure that you have your health status in check. Address any health issues by undergoing tests and scans and do what needs to be done. If you are scheduled for surgery, make sure it is done. If you have any prescribed meds, get them all before leaving. It is also necessary that you get vaccines to protect you from any possible infections. Other than these, you should have your health insurance in check.

Moving to a new country can be challenging and tough, but it all takes a bit of planning to make it manageable. It is all about learning the rules and requirements of the foreign land have the necessary documents and you are good to go. Plan in advance to ensure you are not missing anything. Do not forget to get a lawyer to help you navigate through the immigration process.