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How To Post Bail In Bakersfield – 5 Things To Know

by Dangula Bingula

What do you expect when you agree to sign the bail bond to get your close one or friend out of jail? You will be virtually handling everything when your loved one is in jail. Before hiring the bail bond agent in Bakersfield, you should know the date of birth and full name of the arrested person, the reason why he is arrested and the charges that are taken.

There are various preset schedules you should know. By going through these schedules, the agent will tell you about the process that should be done.

You must live in Bakersfield, should have a job, own or rent a home in the local area. As per your financial status, you should submit the collateral. The agent will be charging 10% of the total amount as the non-refundable premium money. However, if your loved one misses any one of the court hearing, you will be responsible for paying the entire amount of bail. Here are five things you should know before posting bail bonds in Bakersfield-

Types of bail available


Cash only bonds- It is little different than the cash bond, and it is used by the court where there is a doubt if the defendant will show up to court or not. The co-signers can also participate in cash only bonds.

Cash bonds– Here, the defendant or the co-signer can pay the entire amount in cash. Here, in this case, no agent is involved. So, there is no 10% premium paid to the agent.

Surety Bonds This bond is the contractual relationship between the defendant, the bail bond company and the court. The defendant pays 10% of the bail to the agent first.

ROR bail- when the defendant has not committed any violent crime and has no or little criminal record, the court in such situations will order a release on recognizance with the help of ROR bail.

How You Can Get the Bail


The process can be done with just a phone call from the defendant to a family member or close one or from the bail company. The defendant who is having sufficient cash can wait till the booking process gets over and then posts the cash bonds.

What Will Be the Bail Cost?


If the cash is being posted, there is no premium charged and only the court fees and costs will be subtracted from the total amount. In the case of surety bonds, the state rules will decide the amount.

How Long The Defendant Will Stay In Jail?


The time may vary depending upon the crime and the time of the arrest. The time depends on various factors and the amount on the bail schedule can add up to the defendant waiting in the jail. If the arrest occurs during the working hours, the defendant can complete the bond contract with the agent and get released within the next 4 hours.

If the defendant misses the court hearings?

There are two ways to violate the agreement- one is to refuse the stipulations placed in front of the court, or the defendant misses the court hearings. If the cash bail is used, the court will take the entire amount.

It is always essential to hire a professional who will help you in the entire process. If someone you are in jail and can’t afford to help, visit allprobailbond.com .