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How to Make Form Fitting Dresses Truly Flattering

by William Gist

Form fitting dresses are popular with women of all shapes and sizes—why? Because they can help you look sexy, attractive and wearing them can even boost your confidence. If you want to make sure that your form fitting dresses look truly flattering, however, you should follow these essential steps that will ensure that your dress (and body) looks its very best.

Choose appropriate lingerie


The first thing you need to consider when wearing a form fitting dress is the type of lingerie you’ll be wearing underneath. You will want to wear a supportive bra as well as a pair of panties that don’t have strong or visible lines. Depending on how form fitting the gown is, you may want to consider a thing or g string that won’t show through your gown.

Wear the right shapewear underneath


Another essential element of wearing form-fitting dresses in a flattering way is wearing shapewear underneath. Shapewear for women that you can find at HauteFlair is a great way to smooth down your lines, create an even and flattering body line, or even totally transform your body depending on the type and constriction of the shapewear you bought.

In general, there are three levels of shapewear: low constriction, medium constriction and strong constriction. Medium constriction will help smooth down your sides and stomach, while strong constriction will totally transform your look and make you look noticeable slimmer.  Depending on how form fitting the gown is, you will likely want to choose medium or strong constriction.

You’ll also need to consider the length of the shapewear as it relates to the length of the dress. For instance, if the dress is very short, don’t choose a full body shapewear that will extend below the hemline of your gown.

When it comes to choosing shapewear, you should read reviews and consider best shapewear to wear underneath your dress based on how the dress looks, how it fits, as well as the length.

Draw attention to your waist


Form fitting gowns can be flattering, especially if you know how to accessorize them. If you find that your waist still needs more definition even after shapewear, then you should add an accessory that draws attention to your waist such as a belt or even a shrug/cardigan that pulls in at your waist. Drawing attention to your waist will make your form fitting dress look even more flattering with minimal effort.

Choose the right kind of patterns/prints

One thing you will definitely need to consider when buying a form fitting gown is the type of pattern, print and even color of the dress. You will want to avoid super busy prints as these will look unflattering on many body types, and instead opt for subtle prints or ideally, solid colors. If you must choose a print, make sure that it doesn’t go completely horizontal across the gown; horizontal stripes, for instance, will look unflattering—whereas diagonal prints are more slimming.

Complete your look


Your form fitting gown can be as flattering on your body as possible, but if you don’t complete your look with some grooming, your overall look will be a letdown! You should make sure you set aside some type to perform basic grooming, such as brushing and styling your hair and if you’d like, wearing some makeup.

Be confident

Above all, you will need to be confident in order to pull off a form fitting dress! Confidence will make you much more sexy!

Remember, form fitting dresses take a bit of patience and effort to be flattering, but the end result is well worth the work.