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How To Make Custom Enamel Pins?

by Edvard Berlusconi

Enamel pins have become very popular in the fashion world and a lot of business owners are thinking about how to make enamel pins themselves so they can get on in this trend and promote their business through fashion.

These enamel metal pins are very customizable and can have any design, illustrations, brand logos or anything else you can think of. Enamel pins come as an extension of your outfit gives you the chance to accessorize and customize your jeans, backpacks, hats, and jackets.


A lot of people in the world have started making their unique ideas and designs into enamel lapel pins. From simple fashion lovers to major businesses have started building this successful trend of creating and wearing enamel pins.

In this post, we have made a quick guide to help you understand how to design, manufacture and sell enamel pins. Just make sure you follow our in-depth tips to make your enamel pin marketing successful.

Where to start

Custom enamel pins are a fulfilling and fun way to transform your unique design into a physical product, but you have to be sure if people will want them before you start. We have a few ideas on what you should plan and look for before starting your enamel pin production.


Before you start making your enamel pins you have to ask yourself a couple of questions like:

  • How do I turn my unique design into enamel pins?
  • How do I know who are my potential customers
  • How do I make a product that people will genuinely want to buy?
  • How do I sell my enamel pins online

After you have asked yourself these questions and started thinking about the answers then you have completed your first step.

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Find an audience


You can’t sell your enamel pins if you do not have any customers to sell it to. Before you start brainstorming about your new enamel pins, you should first think about who your audience will be. Narrow down your idea to a more unique and specific product to get the targeted audience you are looking for. If you try to please everyone with your product, your idea will simply fail, this is why you need to focus on pleasing just one type of customer.

Now that you have found who your potential customers will be and what kind of impression you want to leave, you need to continue the production process.

Create your design

Do not worry if you do not have any skills for designing stuff, you can still make amazing enamel pins if you try hard enough. There are a lot of ways which you can take to design your pins. You could either do a quick sketch and color of the idea you have in mind and then send it to the manufacturing company and then work with their designer to get the design right for your new enamel pins.


You could also skip this whole process and just find a designer who will do all the work for you. If you do not have the time, a designer will take the work off your hands while making your design for the pins look very professional.

There are many online enamel pin manufacturers who will be able to help you with your pin production needs. Whether you need a small run of pins for a company event or a large order for a promotional campaign, these companies can provide you with the support and expertise you need to get your pins made quickly and easily. So, worry not if you don’t have the time and stamina to design your own pins. Just scroll through the internet and find yourself the best pin designer of all visit this website.

Now that you have your design ready it is time you send it to the manufacturing factory of your choice and finish the process of making your enamel pins.