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6 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Paint by Numbers Kit

by Tracy Finke

Art stems from creativity, but what if your creativity doesn’t involve painting? During our childhood, we’ve always had some painting materials that guide us in making the best art, one of them is the paint by numbers kit. It helps us to paint images without having to worry about coming up with a design idea, as the numbers are on the images, to guide us.

Entering adulthood, with all the stress that comes with it, we drop painting but soon realize it is one of the most effective means of relieving ourselves of stress. While taking strolls in gardens, listening to music, and taking cold showers are also effective in releasing stress, painting also does the same.

Some of the reasons to buy and use a paint by numbers kit are to improve creativity, relieve stress, and enjoy parent-child moments better, among others.

You’ll understand the importance of buying and using a paint by numbers kit by yourself and with others, after perusing this piece. You’ll also be informed about the right place to purchase a paint by numbers kit.

What’s a Paint By Numbers Kit?

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Remember how older relatives and family friends will hold your hand while you hold a pencil to guide your hands as you attempt to write? This do the same thing, but not by holding your hand. It guides you to accomplish a painting by following numbers on a board and using corresponding numbers on paints in the kit.

The Paint by numbers kit is a collection of tools and materials that you’ll use in completing a painted art. The materials in a paint by numbers kit include a board, usually with a canvas or paper pasted on it, a painting brush, and oil colors.

Paint by numbers kits have been in existence since the 1950s and still remain relevant today due to their contribution to the creativity and well-being of the populace.

How to Use a Paint By Numbers Kit

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Using a paint by numbers kit is easy. It gets its name from the characteristic guidance it offers to help its users complete a painting with the use of numbers.

To use the paint by numbers kit, you need to remove the canvas and painting board from the kit and ensure the canvas or painting paper is properly affixed to the board. You’ll see some tiny numbers on the board. Each number has a corresponding number on the color containers in the kit. Paint each number section on the canvas with the color carrying the same number. That is, paint section 2 on the canvas with Color 2 among the color containers.

You should always wash the paint brush before using it to apply another color to the right section on the canvas, for better results. Leave your fresh artwork to dry and add a frame to the canvas, to easily hang it, and admire your work.

Why You Should Buy a Paint by Numbers Kit

With the longevity of paint by numbers, it shouldn’t be difficult to recognize its importance; however, here are some of the reasons you should buy a paint by numbers kit and get painting.

1. It improves creativity

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Creativity isn’t restricted by age, although as one grows older their creativity matures too. However, nurturing creativity from childhood begets mature expressions in arts, and what better way to start expressing and continuously grow in creativity (painting, in this case) if not by using the paint by numbers kit?

Since it gives guidance and helps you to get the best painting result on that canvas, depending on your ability, you can grow your creativity at your own pace.

2. It helps to make parent-children time more enjoyable

As adults, it can be difficult to keep up with the activities that our kids love – running around in the park or playing video games. How then do we get involved in their lives when we can’t partake in what they love?

Paint by Numbers Kit provides the best solution for parents with artistic kids. You and your kids can enjoy painting on a canvas while you chat about the day.

3. Improves motor skills

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Pronounced motor skills such as walking, running, and jumping are considered important, but simple ones such as holding objects and maneuvering them to suit your purpose are also as important. It gets the nervous system and the muscle tissues to work together.

Paint by Numbers engages different muscles in the body, depending on your preferred painting position, and the entire nervous system. As the hand holds the paintbrush and guides it along the number sections, you’re careful not to paint over the section, causing more muscle and brain engagement.

4. Helps to manage and relieve stress

After long days, a quiet and peaceful activity can help you shed some of the stress you’ve accumulated. One of such activities is painting, and many people use it to relieve stress.

Many creative minds will pick their canvas, head into a secluded area, and paint, sometimes while listening to music. You can use the paint by numbers kit for the same purpose.

5. It improves emotional intelligence

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It takes a level of emotional intelligence to know when to leave a situation, let people do certain things, or not pass a boundary with some people. Emotional intelligence improves our relationship with the people around us.

Buying and using paint by numbers kit, for example here, helps you understand the importance of boundaries. It’ll also help you understand the importance of spending time by yourself, without being in other people’s space.

6. It increases attention span

Is it possible to create an excellent painting while you’re distracted? One of the reasons artists escape their abode to a secluded place, to paint, is to avoid distractions.

Get lost in your painting with the paint by numbers kit as you try to create the perfect artwork. You can also apply the same attention you use during painting in other activities, to help you get better results.

Final Thoughts

Paint by numbers is more important now than it used to be, as stress levels are generally higher. Also, with kids spending so much time in front of screens, they can have a good break from it by transferring their attention to canvas and paintbrushes.