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How To Get The ‘AS SEEN ON TV!’ Label

by William Gist

Home to celebrities and familiar faces such as Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Fallon, and even Honey Boo-Boo, it’s hard not to see the impact that television has on the public. Constantly flooding into the zeitgeist, television is quite simply a cultural juggernaut. In fact, in 2011 about 96 percent of American households owned a television with most of these homes owning more than one set.

In essence, you really would have to live under a rock not to notice the power and reach that TV holds. A reach that that in most cases, far outweighs one you would gain through standard publication such as magazines or newspapers. Because of this, getting coverage on television, even for a short ad spot, can greatly improve your overall brand awareness.

There’s a reason that many companies look to have their content displayed on the small screen. The audience is practically sitting there waiting to digest it and we have the tools and insight on how to provide the content you need to succeed. Here are a few tips on how to get on TV and bring your brand name to the forefront.

Start Small (Local Media)

While your brand and idea may be grand, it’s often best to approach this on a smaller scale. Initialize your tactics towards local media. In doing so, your competition for camera time amongst other brands will be diminished. It is far less cluttered at your local station as opposed to a national cable channel such as FX or TNT.


Additionally, this localization will allow you to build up a stronger fanbase as you connect and build awareness with people that are already in your area. Appearing on a local station would also help you save on resources in the long run when buying ad space. This can be very helpful as you shop around to different stations and promote your brand.

Promotion (You ARE an Expert)

You must have some knowledge on the topic if it’s your brand. So, talk about what you know. Whether you make the best nachos in the world or you can design the greatest black and blue (white and gold) dress, anyone has ever seen, promote it. Talk about it and find a way to make it marketable. Oftentimes, it is helpful to make a list of topics you can credibly provide insight on. Understand your base and capitalize. By doing so, you can connect with others in a similar field as you grow.


Find and establish contact with other brands in your niche. Turns out that your neighbor makes nachos too, connect with them. Your coworker designs dresses as well, reach out and build a rapport. Watch the news, read the paper, look through your social feeds and engage with stories and brands that are relevant to you.


From here, you can connect with other media brands in your field. However, it is imperative that you don’t make yourself seem desperate. Establish a connection but leave room for future endeavors. So long as you have an idea, there will be an audience for it. Continue to build your brand and they will come to you.

The Pitch (Selling Your Brand)

Have something to say. When the time comes, be prepared to promote your brand. Establishing a connection is only the beginning. From here you must know how to sell and pitch your idea in a clear and concise manner. Approach your pitch in the manner of a twelve second shot clock.


If you are unable to directly state your ideas and brand in that amount of time, you’re doing it wrong. When the opportunity arises from the connections and networks you have set up, prove to them wh you are qualified. Showcase why your brand matters for a specific topic or audience.

Practice Make Perfect

Similar to getting ready for a date or any formal event, preparation is key. List out your main talking points before pitching to a media outlet or networking partner.

Any time you decide to pitch, practice what you want to say. Rehearse being concise and direct. If you are articulate, easily accessible and able to offer good, reliable information, media outlets will want to use you over and over again. This was something I recently came across through a workshop by Jane McGarry in which she discussed a similar topic on how to get on TV and navigate earned media.


You can find her step by step workshop and many others at  www.janemcgarry.com or on social media by following hashtags such as #janemcgarry. Practice your pitch and use your expertise to help break into national outlets. Press in any format is important for a growing business but none more so than that of television.

The audience sizes and documented credibility of being seen on television is one that holds weight in this digital age. Don’t be afraid to use your expertise to establish connections, promote your brand, and break into the mold of rigid marketing. With these tips and a combination of patience and perseverance, your business will gain the exposure it needs to blossom into a top-tier brand.