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How To Furnish The Night Area With A Wall-Mounted Modern Wardrobe

by Sinke Car

Functionality, design, order, and space: these are the keywords that well describe a wall-mounted modern wardrobe. If you are going to decide how to furnish your night zone and the contemporary style is your first choice, find out more on Poliform website and read their tips about why to choose the wall-mounted wardrobe and the reasons why it is the most suitable solution for every space need and every interior design style.

Modern wardrobe pluses


First of all: why choose a modern wardrobe instead of a classic one?

The design is typically minimal and elegant. What differentiates them from the classic style ones are the sharp lines and the new generation materials. Wood has been the main choice in the past years. Nowadays, glass and metal rule. They have a particular aesthetic appeal and they are also very durable and easy to clean.

Also, it is not simply a piece of the furniture but it is the main element of the night space together with the bed. They tell something about the modern lifestyle and contemporary approach to house management.

Once, people spent a lot of time at home. Nowadays, people spend a great part of their time out of home, and this is the reason why they prefer modular solutions where clothes can be easily placed and then moved from one shelf to another. This is the real, functional plus of this modern solution.

Thanks to the even more functional internal partitions, it allows us to better manage the clothes and the clothing seasonal change and to keep the room free from the clutter.

Why choose a wall-mounted wardrobe


A special and very functional model of modern wardrobe is the wall-mounted one, also called built-in or fitted.

You should prefer this solution if you’re going to furnish a very large night zone and you don’t know how to fill that large white wall; also, if your bedroom is very small and you need to organize the space around you in a pragmatic way, it will fit with your needs.

Even in the attics, it fits very well. It is mainly a matter of space. The wall-mounted wardrobe can be customized according to every space need. Good ideas on decorating closets and how to make them a great place in the house, you can find at hollywoodmirrors.co.uk.


Its great advantage is that it allows using all the spaces in the room without wasting the heights, for example. You will not have to find a solution to fill them with boxes or other elements. In addition, your room will be always clean. No more care about the dust nestled in the dead space between the ceiling and the wardrobe itself! It fits perfectly into the compartment where it will be stored and this is the reason why many built-in wardrobes are tailored. It will look like a wall itself.

At least, many built-in models are equipped with interior lighting systems. This is another difference between the classic models. They seem to be like cabinets, where you can enter in, even if they are equipped with doors.