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How To Find Your Love Online?

by William Gist

Online dating sites have increased in popularity and are starting to become the new normal for people looking to get into the dating scene. It’s no longer considered weird for singles to admit that they are using the internet to meet new and interesting people.

But many people don’t understand that dating apps and hookup sites are designed for one-night stands, as opposed to creating a long-lasting relationship. Sometimes, the one night stand is so good that people may indeed find their soul mate, but this is rarely the case.

However, as they say, “anything is possible” and we’re going to talk about finding love in the online world.


1.    Put Some Effort Into Your Dating Profile

They say that the effort you put always pays out, and the same goes with online dating profiles. If you want to meet someone online and create a long-lasting relationship, then you clearly have to point it out. With online dating sites, you will be regularly contacted by people who find you interesting and good looking. Most of these people will contact you for one night stands, so you have to eliminate those people by pointing it out that you’re looking for a relationship. But even if you do say it, you won’t get an influx of people desperate to be with you. It’s considered harder to find love online, then to end up in the bedroom with someone for one night. You have to make your profile vibrant enough and demonstrate that you are worth spending time with.

2.    You Don’t Have to Appeal to Everyone

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Finding love online doesn’t mean you have to appeal to everyone. It’s precisely the opposite of that. To find someone unique to you, you have to be yourself. You don’t have to market yourself as the ultimate package – you will not please everyone in this world. If you are the ultimate package, you won’t need dating sites. Everyone has flaws and you can use those flaws to find love online.


3.    Be Positive

Positive people attract more people than negative people; it’s just the way it goes. The theory is that positive people are most likely to meet another positive person. Positive people are looking for happiness in life, and are striving for happy and long-lasting relationships. You don’t have to be 100% happy all the time, but be happy and open-minded when looking for love online. If you get rejected once, twice, even three times, don’t give up and keep going. Be positive and eventually you will find the person you are destined for.

Indeed, being happy 100% of the time is pretty much impossible. But there’s a lot you can learn about happiness that will at least allow you to maximize your happiness. This will, in turn, result in more positivity, confidence and better mental health, which will make you more attractive to others. If you’re interested in a detailed guide on how to better understand your happiness, you can check it out this comprehensive guide on how to be happy by Tracking Happiness here.


4.    Know That You Are Non-Negotiable

You find love by finding a person that you like. Finding love is not about exploring every clam in the sea, it’s rather about finding those gems in the clams. When looking for love online, don’t jump at the first person you see. Visit their profile and read their bio. Know that there are things you will and will not do, and it’s very important that you stick by those rules. If you find someone that looks for a one night stand, avoid them as they are the ultimate risk. The chances of a one night stand turning out to be a long-lasting relationship are little to none. Look for the people who are looking for the same stuff that you’re after.