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How to Deal with Pests When You Travel

by William Gist

Traveling is one of the best things you could do. You don’t have to wait for the summer to plan a getaway either. Whenever you feel like you need a break, book yourself a ticket and find some time for yourself. Some people these days even stay busy traveling throughout the year.

Sadly, while traveling, you don’t get to run away from one thing, that is those pesky pests. We are not talking about those bothersome fellow passengers but small critters that can give you nightmares.

Before you start heading for the airport take some time and read about pest issues that professional exterminators from Pestworks caution, you might come across while in travel. They also warn of likely health risks associated with these pests and give a few handy tips.

What Are the Possible Risks Involved?

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Some destinations will present different pest problems than others, so be prudent and carry out your due diligence before you leave. For instance, you are unlikely to find mosquitoes in destinations that have a cold temperature. Similarly, you might come face to face with mice and rats if you are traveling to a location with poor food handling practice. However, some pest types are frequently seen in almost every tourist destination. Bed bugs and mosquitos are the most common pests you may come across during your travels.

Pests that can be a serious health risk

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Most of the time pests don’t cause any problems besides being a nuisance. However, some of them that carry diseases can cause serious health issues. Without a doubt, mosquitos are the most dangerous of all disease-spreading pests that deserve a mention. That is the reason why protection must be taken before and during your travel.

Mosquitoes can be dangerous

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Mosquitoes are common to tropical areas. While many people are traveling to Thailand, Indonesia and other southeast Asian destinations it is essential to highlight these pests separately. Mosquito bites not only itch, but they also make you prone to several serious diseases. They include malaria and dengue fever. In the past, these pests have destroyed civilizations and today it kills more than one million people each year. Therefore, consult with a doctor who specializes in travel before you embark on such trips. Do your homework prior to traveling and check if there are medical centers for travelers in the area you are going to.

Bed Bugs can spoil your holiday

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Bed bugs are widespread around the world, they are the most common pests you as a traveler may be unknowingly sharing your room with. They can be found in hotels, hostels, and even at resorts that claim high standards. Amongst all the pests, bed bugs are one of the most unpleasant critters that can creep up on you while you are asleep. Although they are not known to spread diseases bed bugs can be more than just a nuisance, they have the potential to completely spoil your trip. More so you can bring them back home with you within your luggage.

Check all the beds in your hotel room before settling in and unpacking your luggage. Report it to hotel management immediately if bed bugs are found. If they get into your luggage, chances are that they will infest your home.

How to Deal with Pests

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If you are an adventurer or just a traveler plan before you go into the wilderness or unknown. By forward-thinking, you can reduce the chances of coming across considerable pest problems.

Here are a few tips of things you could do to deal with pests while you travel.

Come Prepared

Before traveling, most people take time out to do research and create a solid itinerary. Wouldn’t it be great if you could research an additional 30 minutes and save yourself from potential illness? Look at the type of pests that are prevalent in the area, take measures accordingly. Look out for the medical facilities that are around your place of stay. And lastly, see if there are specific places you should avoid because of the unclean environment.

Remember, you don’t have to do a lot, just take some time out and sort out the basics.

Have a Medical Checkup

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Most people are prone to diseases. So, ahead of traveling get a medical checkup. You don’t need to get a complete medical done each time you head out on a destination but be prudent and consult your doctor. If you are embarking upon big adventures, then the checkup becomes even more important. You should make sure your immunity levels are checked, especially before traveling to subtropical regions.

Keep the Pests Away

If you’ve found some harmful pests lurking in your room or on your hotel bed, don’t just hand yourself over to them. Alert the hotel staff immediately and request a pest control service for your room. Alternatively, and recommended in an emergency only head out to a local store and purchase a repellent to take control of the situation yourself.

Use Insect Nets if Necessary

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So, this one is for those of you who love exploring the outdoors. If you want to protect yourself, while sleeping in a far-off place, consider using an insect net. Not only will it save you from insects biting you but also help you enjoy a sound sleep. For more protection, go pro and purchase a small tent!

Bonus Tip

 Most pests thrive where food is readily available, and it is important to be aware of that. For instance, a discarded burger might attract rats and cockroaches. Even an empty soda can or even water can attract wasps and flies. Things can get hectic during travel, but it is worth remembering. You can discourage pests by disposing of garbage regularly, not leaving food lying around and wearing insect repellents.