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How Satellite TV Works

by William Gist

Even though many people would say that satellite TV is old-fashioned when compared with cable companies, it is still widely used all over the world. We are sure that whatever neighborhood you decide to walk by, you will see multiple homes with satellite dishes on the roofs. In the following text, we are going to tell you about the gear necessary and how it all works.


First of all, you know that the most essential part of satellite TV gear is an antenna. There are two different types of these, but the one with the offset design is used far more often. These are used to carry the signal that is picked from the broadcasting station to the satellite receiver that is, the TV set. Basically, there is one large antenna that transmits the signal and you are able to receive it via your small antenna and the TV set.


The only condition that there is, is that you have to be in a certain vicinity of a broadcast station for this to work. All these antennas have limited range, it is not a small one, but it is still restricted. In order to be able to receive the signal, you have to be in a direct line of sight of the said antenna. No, the signal will not be affected by small buildings and trees, but hills will damage it. If the Earth was flat, you would have been able to receive signals of a satellite TV from another country, but since it is not, these radio waves can be impaired.

If a local broadcasting station is in close vicinity to your home, then you shouldn’t experience this type of problem. This means that if you want to you can get this kind of broadcast TV. Just choose the one whose offer you like the most (check out DISH Network) and before signing a contract, inquire about the number and quality of channels you will be getting, the Internet, and other features.


The biggest advantage of satellite TV is that is available in rural areas. Yes, it seems that digital TV is more popular now, but if you think about it, it is mostly used in urban, city areas. On the other hand, satellite TV can be easily installed by professional engineer like AerialForce. Plus, if there aren’t any obstacles between the station and your home, you will get hundreds of high-quality channels to enjoy.

Another advantage is the fact that you are more likely to solve the problems that may occur on your own. Yes, if there is a big storm outside, the chances that the satellite dish will move and that you will lose the signal are large, but at the same, you will be able to go outside and restore it to its former positions. You won’t have to wait for the cable company’s team to come and solve whatever problem you are faced with (and we all know that unfortunately, sometimes this can go on for day).


All in all, these are some basic features of satellite TV. As you can see, depending on your location, it can be your only choice, or on the other hand, you might not be able to install it at all.

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