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How Modern Technology Helps Today’s Restaurant Owners

by Dangula Bingula

Sometimes people think of modern technology as a force powerful enough to deliver magic bullet solutions for every problem society faces. This is overdoing it, yet the expectation is understandable: technology is not a miracle solution, even though the latest inventions are often dazzling and powerful.

But modern technology doesn’t need to be a magic cure-all to be truly transformative. Advances such as the latest restaurant scheduling software have fundamentally changed the way many of today’s restaurant owners run their business. Let’s take a closer look at how this software benefits both managers and employees.


Faster, Better Schedules

Like its name suggests, employee scheduling software’s primary function is to create better schedules in less time. It does this very successfully: this cloud-based software reduces the time schedule creation takes by as much as 80%.

Employee scheduling software uses automation and employee inputs to make schedules everyone will love — read on to get more info about all the other vital functions restaurant scheduling software performs, and the tasks it simplifies.

Effortless Communication

No effort is needed to keep managers and their employees in sync. For example, if there’s a change to the schedule, employees immediately get a notification on their phone. Notifying workers of the change is easy to do, and no time is wasted in the process.


This software also lets staff submit leave requests and indicate their work availability remotely on their phones. Or imagine a situation where a manager needs to quickly find someone to cover a shift in an emergency; they can post a message to the group chat, which all staff get instantly on their phone, and whoever is free to cover the shift can tell their team.

This solves the problem quickly, before it escalates into a crisis. It lets managers keep the restaurant fully staffed, and also makes it easy for workers to keep their personal schedule organized.


Manager-Facing Dashboards

The software has a section designed specifically for managers, so they can quickly get the vital information they need about the restaurant’s economic health, including key stats about labor costs, total sales, and other custom metrics you tracked because they’re important for your restaurant.

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to running a restaurant and managing a team of employees.


Informed Schedules Keep Staff Happy

Schedule creation isn’t just something to speed through; a great schedule keeps the restaurant running better, while also reducing labor costs. Restaurant scheduling software issues an alert before an employee is set to reach overtime hours. This way, work hours get dispersed evenly between the team. This balances the hours worked and wages earned and prevents staff burnout, all while sparing owners from needless labor costs. No wonder restaurant scheduling software is so popular among small- and medium-sized business owned by Millennials, who tend to be early adapters of new technology.


Most problems can’t be solved by technology alone, but new advances are definitely improving and even transforming the operations of many businesses, including restaurants across North America. Technology doesn’t need to revolutionize the world — so long as it helps improve your day to day operations, your staff and employees are sure to love it

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