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Hidden Gems of London That Most Tourist Never See

by Edvard Berlusconi

London is one of the most picturesque cities in the world which has plenty of iconic settings to explore. However, besides the well-known attractions and locations, London has a lot of places that are hidden from the human eye.

Even people who have lived there their whole life don’t know some of the hidden gems. So, if you want a unique experience exploring these photo-worthy spots, keep reading. Here are the best-hidden gems of London, which most tourists never see.

1. Postman’s Park


If you want to spend some time in a green space away from the noise, head to Postman’s Park. You can find it close to St. Pauls Cathedral. Note that it might get quite busy during lunchtime as tall buildings surround it. It got its name from the postal workers who worked in the nearby Post Office headquarters. These workers would have their lunch here. There you can also find its memorial plaques to Heroic Self Sacrifice and enjoy the beautiful hand-painted tiles.

2. Little Venice


The series of tree-lined canals spanning from Hyde Park to Warwick Avenue is what many tourists never see when in London. However, Sleepy Little Venice is so close to the center that it’s a pity to miss it. What makes this place so unique is that it features colorful canal boats roam the waterways. You can have tea or coffee in these boats. Why not make it even more memorable and have your lunch on a London canal boat. You can also spend your afternoon walking the whole Little Venice towpath, which boasts breathtaking views.

3. The Best City View


If you thought that you could get the best view of London by buying a ticket to the London Eye, you couldn’t be more wrong. The best view of the city is what many tourists miss as they don’t know that they can get it for free. So, for a wonderful view, head to the One New Change shopping mall terrace and get the perfect view for free. You’ll love the view, shoot a few postcard-perfect photos, and feel like you can almost touch Saint Paul Cathedral!

4. St Dunstans in the East


St Dunstans is one of the best-hidden gems of London. You can find it north of Tower Bridge in the bustling Bank district. You can see a part of a church and internal gardens. You can sit on a bench and appreciate the beauty and silence away from the city noise.

5. St. John’s Lodge Gardens


If you head to Regents Park, don’t miss St. John’s Lodge Gardens, which many people don’t know about. This hidden gem is so unique and hidden, so don’t be surprised if you’re the only person there. St. John’s Lodge Gardens are part of Regents Park, and the Sultan of Brunei owns them. However, he made these gardens public so everyone can enjoy the beauty and looking at his mansion nearby.  The beauty of this garden will remind you of a garden in an English novel. So, if you want to spend some time in a magical quiet spot, head to these gardens.

6. The Painted Hall


The Painted Hall at the Greenwich Naval College is a marvelous place that many tourists don’t know about. The hall is entirely painted by hand and was completed in 1726. It’s one of the best places to see in London. So, before it becomes the top instragrammable spot, head there, and explore it by yourself. If you head there easily, expect to have the whole place to yourself.

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