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5 Fun Things to Do on a Tour Bus

by Edvard Berlusconi

Are you planning a road trip with your buddies and girlfriends? Better be prepared! You don’t want to waste the opportunity to have a memorable trip!

There are tons of tour bus activities and fun games that you can plan to ensure you’ll get the most out of trip time. But first, you have to find a good and trustworthy travel partner such as Romania Tours.

Traveling by tour bus gives you a lot of opportunities for different activities. One of the compelling reasons could be the space that a tour bus offers. So, you can entertain yourself with the board and social games, coloring books, watching movies, enjoying a drink or two, etc. It’s a good idea to make a “tour bus activity plan” before you start your road trip. With a plan like this, you can be sure that everyone traveling will be entertained and having fun while traveling.

In this article, we will get through some interesting ideas for the “tour bus plan” while you’re traveling with your friends.

Theme your activity

If your guests of honor have a common favorite thing, you can turn it into your bus trip theme. Thus, all of you come dressed for the theme. Similarly, the food and drinks could also be themed, and you could bring some interesting ideas to the table! That sounds awesome, doesn’t it? 



You could also just go for a karaoke session and sing and dance through the trip. Form groups and perform the pre-selected songs. Let each team rehearse the songs for like 10 minutes and allow one of you to judge how each performs. You’ll love it, and the group will love it!



A lot of people think coloring is just for kids – but that’s not true at all. You can get some amazing looking adult coloring books and colored pencils at your convenience to stash on your bus. It will keep you calm, occupied, and it helps to pass the time while you’re on the road. 



Charades is another classic game that doesn’t get outdated. And they will keep you entertained for hours. People will be able to show off their creativity. Finally, you could get the stakes up and have or make an interesting prize for the winner – that will make everyone eager to compete.  You’ll get some memorable moments while playing this game, for sure.

“What is in Your Bag?”


Girls are known to have the most random things in their handbags. So while you traveling, you could play a game of guessing. You could create a list of uncommon and creative things that one of the girls could have a bag. Then you form teams or just sit in a circle and you try to guess what people have in their bags that are with them. Try to be specific and guess brand names or weird items. The person or group who gets the most right guesses will win, or they could drink up if you involve some drinks in the game!


You see, there are tons of fun ideas to do on a trip bus. You only require little creativity to the party rolling. But with these five fun ideas, you’re good to go.

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