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Some Hidden Benefits of Alexandrite Gemstone

by Ingeborg

Despite its relative discovery, alexandrite stone has fascinated mankind with its splendid beauty and aura. The stone was discovered in the 19th century by the miners in the Ural Mountains and got its name from the Russian Tsarist Prince Alexander II.

The aura of this gemstone carries mystical properties that weave around its breathtaking play of colors. It appears to be a brilliant purplish red under incandescent light or moonlight, while the stone turns green under the broad daylight. Apart from its color-changing abilities or alexandrite effect, it is also the April birthstone and a perfect gift for the 55th marriage anniversary.

Something secretive about the beauty of this stone shows off in its impact on your life as well. Wearing this gemstone brings good luck and alignment between your spiritual and emotional self. It carries many benefits, some of which are obvious, while others may be hidden or hard to understand unless you choose the right stone. Here, they are:


Dispels Rigid Beliefs

When a person is set in their beliefs and refuses to break the mold, it is hard to define their purpose in life and understand the journey of human existence. It creates conflicts and confusion of mind and emotions.

If you are a person undergoing a similar phase where you need to focus your mind and boost your self-esteem, buy alexandrite to make it possible. This stone will open you to an ocean of opportunities and experiences. Instead of remaining close hearted, understand the beauty of love and joy by carrying an alexandrite with you.

This stone helps you to open your mind for understanding both aspects of any issue to make a rational decision due to its dual color and color-changing abilities. Even if emotion comes from a dispassionate perspective, alexandrite can integrate rational viewpoints into it for expanding your mind and spirit.

Act as a Guardian Stone

With the perfect realignment of emotions, spirit, and mind, alexandrite intensifies your aura and works as a guardian stone. It allows you to connect with divinity while removing your doubts and fears.

When you carry this gemstone in the form of the jewelry, it saves you from evil thoughts and negative forces. As a spiritual purifier, it facilitates connection with divine frequencies for self-growth and evolution.

Harmonizes with Base Chakra

Every gemstone stimulates the powers of chakras in some way or another. Alexandrite stone follows the suite with its impact on various chakras. The base chakra is pivotal to have a passive and understanding attitude in life. When this chakra is misaligned, you may become aggressive or overly possessive.

It would be best if you had control over your cravings for manipulation, and that’s where you can use alexandrite to awaken your hidden talents. It helps to dispel unknown fears and balances the circulatory system, which results in well-functioning limbs.


Helps to Realize Self-Worth

Sometimes, you may feel sudden outbursts of jealousy, anger, or blaming others. This happens when your heart chakra topples from its balance. As a result, you may feel deprived of your self-worth. With alexandrite, you can get rid of these feelings and feel compassion for people around you.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, feel loved, and heal your inner-self. The gemstone connects the lower chakras with higher chakras and boosts your immune system to create a healthy lifestyle.

Invokes Creativity

No matter how creative you are, your abilities are worth nothing if you cannot direct them in the right direction. An imbalance of the throat chakra creates this impact on your life. It makes you hyperactive or even fanatical about your beliefs. You may lose your focus in life when you fail to embrace changes and reasonable demands of time.

Hence, buy online alexandrite to enhance your creative abilities not only to manifest abundance but also to improve your perspectives. By balancing the throat chakra, this gemstone also improves the health of your respiratory system, mouth, throat, and esophagus.

Cures the Symptoms of Leukemia

Leukemia or blood cancer is a deadly disease that takes many lives every year. Those who have leukemia need strict medical intervention. But that’s not enough. Sometimes, you need cosmic energies to boost healing and recovery while dealing with such severe illnesses.

Alexandrite stone helps in the process of its ability to ease the symptoms of blood cancer. The stone can support neurological tissue regeneration on the cellular level. It increases the healthy cells in your blood and helps the body to fight the pain and renew itself. With cell regeneration, it also reduces the damage caused by cancerous cells.

Centers Your Inner-Self

Life offers many challenges and changes. You need to face them with intuition and conviction for a successful experience. Alexandrite charges your inner energies to aid in centering your mind and thoughts. It not only brings happiness and love but also helps you to realize that your true happiness lies within yourself.

As a result, you learn how to appreciate the beauty around you and understand the significance of every moment of life. Without making you self-absorbed, it balances your soul and spirit on higher levels for complete self-discovery. You will understand the possibilities waiting for you and work hard to accomplish them.


Makes You a Positive Thinker

Negative emotions are the biggest impediments to happiness and pure joy. If you are surrounded by negativity inside your mind, it becomes difficult to find stability and contentment. With a powerful stone like alexandrite, you can replace negative thoughts with positive energies. This gemstone causes the secretion of happiness hormones and relieves the worries inundating your mind.

People having anxiety and depression can also benefit from wearing alexandrite. Whatever is the state of your mind, this stone has energies that represent every emotion and the ever-changing nature of life.

These are some hidden or unknown benefits of wearing alexandrite gemstone. Like any other powerful gem, these benefits will come to your life only if you carry natural and authentic stone in the best color. Alexandrite is a rare form of chrysoberyl mineral that comes at a premium price.

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