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Things That Can Help Organize Home Chores

by William Gist

Housework is inevitable and for some of us – a great source of stress. If they accumulate, the feeling of overcrowding, nervousness, and excessive fatigue – will be undesirable results of poor organization and campaign work. So, what are the things that can help organize home chores? Let’s find out together.

Make A Good Plan


It is good to have a program with which we can make our lives much easier. Many women have been practicing the something-every-day method for a long time – because it prevents them from finding themselves in a situation where they do not know where to start.

No, none of us are perfectly organized. After all, is that even possible? However, the very fact that you do something every day – calms you down and allows you to find time for something else. In any case, the point is that even though the life of the average woman today is a real juggling and racing – there are still ways that can make your everyday life easier. First of all, make a good plan.

How To Stick To A Plan?


Don’t be discouraged by the fact that there will be days when you won’t be able to stick to the plan. After all, we are not robots – and the time of 30 minutes that is supposedly needed to complete daily tasks is only a rough estimate. In fact, most women need more time, because there are distractions – such as the Internet, TV, children, telephone. Sometimes it happens that you just get bored and decide not to do anything.

Of course, that sometimes entails and bites your conscience, because you are not well organized. Don’t be strict with yourself too much. It’s much harder for women who are employed, but we think it will be much easier for you if you make a good plan and stick to it – and do at least part of the things on the list.

Play some nice, energetic music and get to work. No one is chasing you or coming to the inspection – and those who criticize you should mind their own business. Or even better: Let them also use a vacuum cleaner and rags – so that they can at least be of some use.

Things That Can Help Organize Home Chores

You know these types of persons – these are the ones who always have everything under control, as early as six in the morning. These are the people who wake up, prepare children for kindergarten and school, make breakfast, dress in clean, ironed and pre-combined clothes – and all this without signs of stress. We bring you a few tricks on how you too can become one of these fantastically organized people.

●      Set Priorities

Obligations can be of any kind – from buying food and paying bills to hang out with friends or cleaning the room. It is important that you set your priorities. When prioritizing, pay attention to the urgency of things. It’s not the same if you don’t pay your electricity bill or parking fee. First, resolve commitments that can’t wait, then the commitments that could become a problem, and finally, things that aren’t real commitments.

●      Help Yourself By Using Apps

image source: https://www.mysimplefamily.com/

When we have so many obligations, which include private and business life – sometimes we forget something, and this can create certain problems. To get to the commitments, start writing things down. Today, all kinds of agendas can be obtained cheaply, but it is much easier and more efficient to use mobile applications such as My Simple Family or similar apps.

You can use it to write down all your obligations, whether it is a daily, weekly, or monthly commitment. This way, you will be 100% sure you haven’t forgotten any of the tasks you were supposed to do. Also, such applications will remind you that you can involve your family members in the housework – so you can teach your children to cooperate and earn. Namely, with the help of this app – you can teach children how to earn money from tasks that they perform successfully and on time. Very, convenient, isn’t it?

●      Do The Tasks One At A Time – And Get Started Right Away


Multitasking is a fantastic virtue that not many people possess. But it is better to solve the tasks one by one. For example, if your tasks today include paying bills, replying to emails, ironing, and cooking –  sort the tasks according to importance and multitasking capabilities. If you are preparing something cooked – you are free to iron your laundry, and then, leave the computer-related tasks for later.

●      Don’t Postpone Your Tasks

“I’m not able to do it” is probably the worst line that most organized people can hear from you. Everything you can do today – do not leave for the future. There are often small tasks on to-do lists that only take a few minutes – but precisely because they seem easy, they are the hardest to do because they are the easiest to put off.

●      Delegate Responsibilities To Your Household Members


An organized life is not full of responsibilities, meetings, and deadlines. Sure, you can’t always do everything by yourself. Therefore, look at your to-do list or make one if you didn’t do it by now. Browse the list and find tasks that you can delegate to your husband or children.

Most of the time, when delegating responsibilities – there is little resistance from the people to whom the commitments are delegated. Don’t let that discourage you. Over time, you’ll see who fits which task, and adjust the list according to their preferences. Over time, the list will get shorter and shorter as your household members begin to take on some responsibilities. Start with small and short-term tasks – and then increase them over time. That way, you’ll do the most with the least amount of stress.

●      Create A Routine

After just a few days of making a list and schedule – you will see which order suits you best. Over time, there will be experiences that will allow you to start doing small things automatically – such as when preparing lunch, you will immediately wash the knives and utensils you used to prepare it. These incidental actions will save you a lot of time in the future.