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Can You Have An Eating Disorder And Not Realize It?

by Tracy Finke

Eating disorders are a serious problem and can lead to many health issues that can have minor and chronic consequences. It is very important to get treated the right way and admit that you require help. But there are times when one may have an eating disorder and not even know it. In such a situation, being wary of the warning signs is very important for the help of your loved ones or yourself.

In this article, we will try to answer the question if one can have an eating disorder without realizing they have it. We will also mention certain factors which will help in determining if an individual is at risk of developing that condition.

How Can One Develop an Eating Disorder?

This is a question which a lot of people ask out of curiosity. Food is an important part of all of our lives which is why a healthy relationship towards it is important for physical health and mental well being. However things can go south real quick if one gives into environmental pressure.

But it is not just the society which is influencing about 30 million people in the US. The reason why individuals fall prey to eating disorders is because of a mix of inherited genes and societal conditions. Some medical professionals say that genetic predisposition can be a determining factor along with the society in which one lives.

We all are living in the age of the internet where there is a lot of toxicity surrounding the body. Random people tend to decide what is the right physical condition for anyone to be in. It leads to a lot of pressure for any individual and translates into one of overeating or unhealthy eating habits.

It is best to get enrolled in a treatment program if self help is not proving effective. One can ask for professionals to support you during the time of crisis which can happen at great treatment facilities. One can choose reliable programs through platforms like clementineprograms.com that offer the best professional help there is.

The reasons for developing it can vary from person to person.  There might be times when you may be falling in unhappy patterns without even realizing it. Let us see some situations when you may require external help for curing an eating disorder you didn’t know existed.

It’s Food On Your Mind

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There is a difference between being a foodie and obsessing over all different kinds of food. Think about the past few days and ask yourself a simple question: Were you thinking about food at all when you should not have? The times when you should not think of food is when you are in a situation where your focus is required somewhere else.

If you are hanging out with your friends or finishing off some work, thinking about cooking, preparing, and eating food is not something that should be on your mind. Thinking of food is an indicator that you are either not having enough food or are wishing to have too much. Eating behaviors and determined by the frequency of thoughts and an obsessive focus on any particular thing. They can lead to anorexia or orthorexia depending on the food quantity, nutritional value, and calories.

Something Big Happened

Taking recourse in food is usually a response to significant trauma which can happen to anyone. Usually it leads to a high risk issue which can impact on aspects of your life. Many times the feelings towards an unhealthy predisposition are dormant and a negative event acts as a trigger.

This situation leads to mental health problems that may need negative responses and even substance abuse. In case a big thing in your life has happened, it is very important to keep a check on your daily routines. It is entirely probable that a person does not even know that an unhealthy habit is beginning to form in the wake of a tragic event.

Your Self Worth is Defined By Dieting

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One has to understand that an eating disorder stems from a mindset and how much one chooses to react to it. Losing weight is a priority for many people and many people define their self worth by it. The reason why dieting is glorified in a society is because it helps in losing weight consistently even if it is at an alarming rate.

In fact, the more quick a dieting habit leads to weight loss, the better it is. It may seem very harmless at first glance but it is a very toxic behavior for anyone who cannot keep their habits in check. So, one may not even realize it have serious problems standing from their dieting routine.

You are Notoriously Picky

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Picky eating and being choosy about the things you eat may be normal in some contexts but it can also be a cause of worry. If an individual sees that they always think about the possible calorie count of a meals it may be time to assess the current lifestyle. They may be towards and eating without even realizing it.

It is very important to see how rigid you are about everything you put on your plate. Keeping a balance between comfort food and nutritious food is very important for physical and mental well being. A dietician can help you out with better choices that do not impact your health in the long run.

The Takeaway

It is very important to keep a check on everything that leads to unhealthy behavior. The right type of nutrition should be gone after but not to lose weight. Maintaining a healthy body is a priority and not losing weight. Difficult situations do occur but they should be handled with better coping strategies than finding recourse in food. It is also essential to recognize triggers that can lead to a downward spiral. Always try to seek professional help for something you cannot seem to get a handle on.