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How To Organize A Road Trip To Fort Myers?

by Tracy Finke

Fort Myers is one of the most iconic cities in Florida. It’s a place where you can sail, sunbathe and eat tasty seafood in one of the best local restaurants.

A car trip is the best way to visit Fort Myers. A lot of people, however, decide to use public transport because of convenience and lower prices. There is also a third option – renting a car. FoxRentaCar offers its cars to everyone who values safe and convenient road trips. They are located at various American airports. For example, if you live in Ontario, just go to Ontario Airport, get in a chosen rent-a-car and drive straight to Florida.

The best things to do in Fort Myers

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Fort Myers offers a wide variety of tourist attractions. One of the best spots for relaxation is Bunche Beach. It’s the best place to unwind and enjoy the hot weather and unique climate of Florida. Don’t forget to bring your swimming suit and let warm water please you.

As far as water is concerned, you should consider one of the most popular activities in Fort Myers, i.e. sailing. Of course, you don’t need to possess a sailboat. All equipment you need can be rented there. You can also try kayaking. The view of boats and kayaks is very common on Bunche Beach.

One thing that every trip needs is good company. It doesn’t necessarily mean the company of other human beings. Sometimes spending time with animals gives the biggest joy. We love interacting with our dogs and cats but what about something more exotic like dolphins and manatees? During your stay in Fort Myers, you can swim with oceanic creatures and even play with them. It’s something that you probably can’t do at home, so it would be a pity to miss such an opportunity.

Do you prefer to stay dry? Fine. In Fort Myers you can meet countless offers of walking tours. You’ll be surprised when you see how many gems are hidden from you. Having joined a group, you’ll be able to learn about the history of the place and all you should know about it.

Best restaurants in Fort Myers

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Swimming and exploring make everyone hungry. It’s a good idea then to visit one of the most famous bars and restaurants in the city. Choosing the right one isn’t a piece of cake, since a choice is remarkably wide. Let’s look at a couple of popular places where you can sit down and dine.

Oasis Restaurant is a perfect option for vegans and vegetarians as well as people allergic to gluten. It offers a healthier side of American cuisine, but its menu is still rich in options, so you’ll find a fatty hamburger too.

If you prefer Italian dishes, go to Downtown House of pizza. Although pizza is probably more popular in America than in its country of origin, the décor of the place offers a genuine Italian charm.

Don’t forget that Fort Myers is located by the sea. It would be a sin not to check out a bona fide seafood restaurant. There is one that stands out from its competition. It’s Cape Cod Fish Company, where you can order various crustaceans such as prawns and crabs but, as the name suggests, you can eat also delicious fish dishes such as almond-baked cod.

Which Beaches to Visit

When in Florida one thing matters more than anything else. We are of course talking about beaches. Summer time is best spent at a beach. Luckily for you, Fort Myers is full of them. Dozens of beaches can serve to anyone’s taste. We are only going to talk about our top favorites. Of course, we are obligated to say that you won’t make a mistake whichever you visit, but these we have listed below are our clear-cut favorites.

1. Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach and The Pier

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If you like busy areas swarming with people and events this is your beach. It is the most popular venue in this place and for a good reason. It’s near Times Square, and not too far from the Lynn Hall memorial park. It also has the famed pier which is worth your attention.

If you want to spend your days at the beach this should be your first choice in Fort Myers. For many people, it is just that. One time of the year when you might want to avoid it is during the Spring Break. But, if you’re into wild college parties, then be free to join thousands of students that flock here during the spring for a few parties and a lifetime of memories.

2. Crescent Beach

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Unlike the example from above, this beach is located south of the pier. If you’re into daily activities this one is for you. If you’re into sports, you’ll find some luck here. Many people come to this beach to challenge others in games of volleyball. You can play leg tennis or simply catch up with others.

People who love outdoor sports activities join others with similar interests at the Crescent beach. Crescent Beach Family Park is also located nearby and it is a great place to rest after a challenging day at the beach. The beach is long and wide which is the primary reason why it is the home of many sports events during the summer. Here you can play flag football with no risk of injuries, while some people even play beach soccer. Like it’s Brazil and not the USA.

3. Lani Kai Beach Area

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Fort Myers offers plenty to anyone who wants to enjoy the ocean and the sand. This beach is no different. If you’re young or simply want to feel young again, this one is for you. Lani Kai Beach Area is the place where the young and reckless gather. Loud music, drinks, and non-stop partying are what happens here.

The beach is full of umbrellas and chairs for you to lay down and rest. The bar and restaurants are all available on the beach so there’s no need to panic about any of that. Your only job is to lie down and enjoy. If you’re up for it, you could even fancy a jet-ski ride while you’re on this beach.

If this is not your thing it’s fine, you can always swim or walk down the beach as many people here do. Being in Fort Myers doesn’t require too much planning, but with what we told you above, you know where to go, what to eat, and where to spend the majority of your time. We think you’ll do just fine.