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Guess the Age of This Taiwanese Woman

by Elsa Stringer

Chen Meifeng is an actress, singer, and a TV personality from Taiwan. With her naturally young looks, she has received a lot of attention from all over the world and many cannot believe how old she really is.


Meifeng is 63 years old, but she can easily pass as someone in her thirties. She has recently hosted a nationally televised TV show, which gave her a lot of reach and recognition.


In one photo on her Instagram page, she is wearing a dress that has a £15,000 price tag. It showcased her incredible sculpted stomach and made everyone think how can someone look this good in their sixties.


The star says she owes most of her looks to ginger, which is a big part of her everyday diet. “I add ginger bits to my soups. I think it makes my skin shine,” says the beauty who looks incredible for someone who is well into their seventh decade of life. She weighs 52 kilograms, which is a healthy weight for someone of her age, shape, and lifestyle.


Despite her healthy lifestyle, Chen admits she cannot make herself work out in a gym. Therefore, she hired a personal trainer with whom she has workouts twice a week. “I know I should exercise, I am jealous of people who have a habit of going to the gym. I always have to push myself to do it.”


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She says she wears heels every day, and she feels most comfortable in a T-shirt and jeans combo.


She has been single for five years, since she went through a rough divorce with her husband of ten years. However, she never lost her faith in love. “Men prefer younger women, so it is hard for me to find an ideal partner now,” she concludes. We hope she manages to find true love soon!