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Guarantee Of Product Liability

by Dangula Bingula

How often do you receive a guaranteed liability in products consumed? The quality of products is one point we make sure is high enough or meets a particular standard. But how sure can we be about the guarantee that they offer for the products that we obtain? Although not always, there happen to be situations where the consumer is cheated either intentionally or unintentionally for the quality of the product, which these consumers value the most for the amount paid.

These shortcomings in the products can bring serious problems, situations where the consumer is badly hurt or even resulting in their death. The cases of defective products leading to serious injuries and issues are being reported very often these days, which has seen no decline in the past few years.

Untimely injuries and deaths due to personal and health issues happen, too, but the ones caused by the defective products used by these consumers are unwarranted. The failure on the producers’ side leads to the rise in the fall of lives. Every product procured by an individual is consumed to make their life easier and provide enhanced living, which, when defective, paves the path for the downfall of the reputation of the product and also to the shedding of numerous lives. 

Defective products


The gory death beds could be due to various reasons, one of them being the use of defective products. Many unfortunate accidents and mishaps happen due to defective products such as helmets, pool safety equipment, and pumps, sports accessories, medicines, food products, etc. How do these defective products, in stages, become the cause for countless deaths? Products could turn out to be defective by the fall on any one stage of the production; it could be the fault of the product manufacturer, components manufacturer, assemblers and installers, wholesalers, or even the retailers.

The defects can arise due to various reasons; faulty designs can lead to the production of the most unsuitable product, which exists even before the stage of manufacture which can either be avoided in the stage of designing or if noticed at the time of manufacture has to be revoked from further processing. 

The flawed manufacturing process can lead to such products, too, where the products are rendered a poor-quality process of manufacture or assembling by working against the design specifications. 

Improper marketing techniques where the labeling, instructions to use, and safety warnings provided are inadequate and invalid.



The defective products being sold in the markets, if they were distinct from the standard ones, would have been easy to purchase and use. But as long as the factors stay indistinguishable, the purchase of products is all the same. The negligence on the part of the producers causes serious problems where the repercussions could be so severe as to fight legally would be the only option left to the consumers. The consumer courts help in concluding the dispute in a harmonious and fair deal, although in situations where it has led to death cannot be justified.

Faulty products such as helmets and safety equipment in any field(sports), when fail, lead to desperate circumstances. Warranty of products that is almost always assured, when violated or infringed, form the chances for product liability. Consumer complaints are always reported, of which the repercussions are not always of the same degree; some may be of lower degrees which could be resolved easier and concluded in a way more harmonious way whereas in cases where the breach of standards produce dreadful results, the trials and judgments could take an, even more, sharper turn.

Negligence on the part of the consumers cannot be encompassed in this realm of grievances. There happen to be situations where the consumers are less bothered and carelessly use the products, which can also yield unfortunate endings. Unheedful consumption of substandard foods, expired medicines, products which do meet the legal standards, all of which cannot be attributed and pointed towards the producers alone, since, ignorance of laws and use of such illicit products is totally unacceptable( also in cases where unavoidably unsafe products are used which might be sold in the markets with a prior warning for the safety)

Legal Proceedings


The responsibility always does not fall on the producers alone, as discussed earlier, but in the majority of cases, it is the failure to meet the required standards that lead to such issues. Medicines which are prescribed out of sheer negligence is one huge fall on either the doctor’s part or on the pharmacist’s part. Likewise, a lot of other issues take place daily, and facing all these legally is a puzzling matter. 

The concept of legal proceedings when it comes to product liability are many times ignored by even the consumers, and this might just be another inciting factor for illegal production. The defendants usually find points of the plaintiff’s implicit proofs to evade the rigorous exercise of regulations on their products, so the plaintiff should make sure to produce the right and all-inclusive shreds of evidence to ensure a fair judgment since the court always works on the strength of the evidence produced. Always approach and hire an experienced attorney for a higher probability of being fairly judged. For queries and hiring an attorney in cases of product liabilities, visit https://www.nehoralaw.com.

Products available in the market should conform to certain obligations, which, when broken or breached, leads to the pinnacle of consequences where the consumers are faced with mishaps, which could even cost their lives. The receiving end of this negligence on the producers’ part is affected so badly that the trust in these products is lost and many more lives too.