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Green Juice: Natural Health in Your Glass

by Jajce d Muckic

Yes, you can always look fit, fresh, and young without plastic surgeries, special diets, and exhausting workouts. All you need for that is a couple of Green Juice. Green juice can definitely be called a real «rejuvenating» drink.

A few years ago I took part in a conference on anti-aging in Los-Angeles and met there a fit, well-put interesting woman who looked 45. We started talking about our families, cities where we live, and it suddenly turned out that she is… 64! Even I was surprised. No modern technologies (botox, hyaluronic acid and so on) are capable of making you look so much younger. I decided not to ask her how she managed to do it, but just suggested: «Detox and green juice?». And she answered: «Bravo, cutie!».

Green Juice


Did my friend drink 1 liter of juice every day? No. One glass was enough for her. But she took it every day (no day-offs) for 30 years. Give this a try! It is not as difficult as it seems.

Why Is Green Juice So Healthy?

Green juice is the simplest, tastiest, and quickest way to get the maximum of useful properties from fresh vegetables and assimilate them 100% practically without energy consumption and additional pressure on the digestive system. That’s because one glass of green juice can contain a daily dose of all vegetables, even those you don’t like.

Green juice is a great source of sodium, potassium, and magnesium, that regulate electrolytic balance: it will give your cells all the necessary fluids. And after just 3 months of the regular green juice intake (the amount of time needed for a complete renovation of red blood cells), the blood running through your veins will be completely cleansed and full of life! And that will lead to great health improvement and fit body.

Green Juice


Green juice is the simplest and quickest way to healthy weight loss, immune system reinforcement, cell renovation, a boost of energy due to the abundance of nutrients and acid-base balance normalization, rejuvenation and long-lasting youth. 3-4 glasses of green juice a week – the ultimate solution for your health and beauty.

What Is Green Juice Made Of?

The base of any green juice should be cucumbers and celery stalk. The first ones contain potassium, the second – sodium, which contributes to ideal water-electrolytic balance in the body, that feeds every cell with moisture better than water.

To make one glass of green juice, you will need about 2-3 cucumbers, 2 celery stalks, and a small bundle of greens. Greens can be of any type: parsley, cilantro, red beet leaves or salad leaves, nettle leaves, dill, and so on. Everything «green» is a chlorophyll, that cleanses and rejuvenates blood and removes toxins from the body.

Green Juice


If it is hard for you to start drinking juices with greens, the start will lighter variant with celery and cucumbers, and then slowly add other ingredients.

You can also add lemon or lime — they are perfect for covering the bitter taste of some greens. Want to try ginger? Great! It cleanses the liver and is good for the heart, but what’s more important – it gives the drink a pungent flavor.

Try using organic vegetables without pesticides, grown by yourself or by your friends, or bought on the farmer’s market seasonably. If using non-organic vegetables, remove their peel and soak them in water with 1-2 tablespoons of apple vinegar.


When making the juice, I don’t recommend to use:

  • All types of cabbages and spinach. If taken raw, they suppress the functioning of the thyroid. Women should take these vegetables only if they are cooked or fermented.
  • Beets and carrots. They contain a lot of fructose, thus can lead to blood sugar increase or exacerbation of candidosis.
  • First of all, they also contain a lot of fructose. Secondly, they completely do not go together with vegetable juices. Wholesome fruit, even though containing a lot of fructose, is rich in fiber as well, which doesn’t let sugar raise insulin too much. Squeezed juice, though, is free of fiber and is, actually, just sweet water. Don’t forget, that fructose is a dangerous sugar! Any fruit juices should be eliminated from your diet if you want to lose weight, improve health, lower cholesterol level, and blood pressure, get rid of candidosis, and other infectious diseases.
cabbages and spinach green juice


How to Make Green Juice

According to DiligentChef.com, you can use any juice squeezer for making juice. Of course, it’s better if it is made especially for greens: low-speed (which helps to preserve ferments) and with plastic base (which helps to prevent the juice from oxidation). If you don’t have a juice squeezer – don’t worry! You’ll only need a blender (if you don’t have it, check this website and find the perfect one for you), a bit of water, and a few layers of gauze. You’ll probably lose a couple more minutes, but the result is worth it – a glass of amazing healthy green juice!

Green Juice with Fennel


1 fennel head, 2 cucumbers, a piece of ginger (and/or lemon), 1 apple.


Squeeze all the ingredients through the juice squeezer.


Green Juice with Pineapple


2 pineapple rings, half a bundle of cilantro, 2 celery stalks, 4 apples.


Squeeze all the ingredients through the juice squeezer.

I’d like to say a few words on the importance of using the right juicer such as available at thejuicerguide.com. All juice squeezers can be divided into two major types:

  1. Masticating juicers
  2. Centrifugal juicers

Centrifugal juicers are used from making juices from fruits and rich vegetables like tomatoes or bell peppers. But they shouldn’t be used for making juices from hard vegetables and greens. Instead, one should use only masticating juicers for this purpose. You can get more info on the best juicers for greens here, for example.


A Couple More Tips

To get maximum health benefits, try to drink green juice right after it was prepared. Never buy ready-to-eat juices. They are usually pasteurized. Wash your juicer thoroughly – it prevents generation of bacteria.

Make sure to listen to your body: your stomach must be “happy” with the juice. If you hear an abdominal murmur or feel discomfort, change the juice ingredients, or lessen their amount. But don’t forget, that while your body is getting used to a new type of food, a little feeling of discomfort in the stomach can be a normal thing.

How Much Green Juice Is Recommended to Drink Per Day?

As much as you want. Again – listen to your body and you will slowly find your «happy medium». Generally, 4-5 glasses a week is enough for your health, but if your body is okay with taking more – drink as much as you want.


Green juice will change your life, as it has changed mine and many other women’s lives all over the world. Green juice is the fastest way for getting fit, beautiful and energetic body and alluring femininity.