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Generating Quality Leads Over Quantity

by Ingeborg

Lead generation is one of the most important aspects of marketing. This is key to the growth of a business, and converting these will result in more money being made. However, the main aim is to bring in quality leads, rather than lots of poor leads that rarely convert. This article by Alchemis covers the subject matter well and why lead generation should always focus on quality leads.

The traditional method of the past has been about getting a large number of leads and hoping that several of these can then be converted by the sales team. The ultimate goal was about securing as many leads as possible while prioritizing the need to attract high volumes of contacts during each lead generation campaign. This view has now changed, and the key focus is about acquiring a quality lead, which gives a greater chance of converting this into the business.

source: nimble.com

What is a quality lead?

This is a collection of information or activity from an interested customer, which appears to have strong buying potential. This covers information and data points that are authentic. Following this, you can then focus on building a list of potential customers and nurture the relationships further to keep them interested in the brand or product you are trying to sell.

By doing this, you are building trust between the business and the consumer. This will also then mean they will come back to you in the long run as they put their trust in the product or service provided. This is about putting yourself ahead of the competition.

The lead generation strategy used should provide value to potential customers, which means they will continue to re-visit your site. It is also important to make sure it is easier for them to give you their details when they are interested. Keeping to all these points will help to generate better quality leads in the long run and to convert these to customers then.

Sales conversion rates will then be much higher overall, due to the continued focus of quality over quantity. This down to the direct result of the more targeted strategy used.

Improving ROI


By getting target qualified leads, this results in higher ROI. Prioritizing lead quality ultimately increases the chances greatly of converting these into actual sales. Altogether it improves relationships with customers and creates loyalty. Over time, this then means quality leads to improved ROI. The key to successful lead generation, in the long run, is more quality over quantity.