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What Is The Fastest Way To Gear Up For Arena In WoW

by Tracy Finke

Everyone enjoys the time when they sit in front of a monitor and play their favorite game. Wow has been a popular game for such a long time, it is rare to meet a person who has not tried it. Although there are different patches and expansions, the playstyle is similar, if not the same.

All the time you put into developing your character is fun enough, but it feels way better when you beat all the other players against you. For that reason, you know how important it is to gear up quickly and proceed with the game’s objectives.

If you are new to the game, or you just want to be more informed on some ways for a quicker gear up for the arena, we have made this article for you. There will be a couple of ways that you can implement in your game, and if you combine them, the results will be better.

Begin with basic quests

Source: worldofwarcraft.com

As with any other role-playing game, you have to begin with the basic quest to get stronger. The main focus should be on gaining the levels quickly and looking for gear that will help you along the way. For that reason, you have to be consistent, and play as much as you can, while getting your real-life obligations done.

The basic quests are meant to be a guide in the game, especially in the beginning. The world is being presented to you, and you are sent to locations both to finish the quest and to learn the map as well.

The rewards that you will be getting from the quests besides the experience contain money and sometimes there can be gear. These items are usually weak, but they are sufficient for the beginning, helping you to stay longer in the field and deal more damage.

If you collect all the funds from the quests, you should be able to get your hands on a nice gear when you reach the highest level.

Learn to craft your items

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Another thing that can be done is learn crafting skills. That way, you can collect all the materials needed, and craft a gear that is way stronger than the ones you get from quests. The materials can be found during the quests, and while we usually sell them to acquire gold, saving them can help you to come up with your own sets of equipment and weaponry. Make sure that you are crafting items suitable for your class, and keep on playing for bigger improvement.

If you want to earn more money, you can sell the equipment that you have crafted, and come up with a profit that will surely be useful along with the game. There are many guides on how to craft and what to focus on, so make sure you inform yourself nicely and keep on prospering.

Use a boosting service

A great tactic that you can use to get to the desired gear is using a boosting service. The people working there are players with so much experience, and they can quickly get you with the gear you need.

Sometimes it can be excruciatingly boring to level up a character, especially if this is not your first time playing WoW. In addition, you may be busy with real-life obligations, and you don’t have enough time to put in the game. Instead of abandoning your character completely, have a look at boosting services to get you through the levels as recommended by https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-arena.

Play dungeons

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Gathering up with a team, and going through the dungeons is a really fun and efficient way of acquiring funds and gear. There are many creatures inside that after killing them you are being rewarded. However, to get in these dungeons you have to reach a certain level and have basic gear on you for better survivability.

As you can notice in the chats, there are always people being called for dungeons. If you happen to play alone, there are many groups on social media that you can join, so you can get your way in the dungeons.

Not only that you will have a fun time going through such events, but you will have the chance to learn a lot from the other players. If you tell them that you have a problem in acquiring gear, they can surely help you, and tell you a quick tip.

Purchase whole sets

Source: news.blizzard.com

If you need gear that you cannot find in other places besides the shop, you should collect the funds and go for it. Although it may seem inefficient, spending your gold on something that will make you stronger should be worth it. Your powerup can bring you more money, so you should not hold back.

However, before you proceed with the purchase, research whether the price is right and you are not overpaying. You can also ask people that you play with if they have the set and they don’t need it. That way, you will get a better price, and you will manage to save some of your finances.

Lastly, you should consider purchasing items in the festive periods because there can be sales from the developers. Certain items can be placed for sale, and you may have the luck to acquire them.

Try to become better

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With constant playing, you will surely become better by default. However, there are many places where you can learn certain strategies that will be highly beneficial for you. You can begin with articles and posts that share information and continue with videos from players that have been active for a long time.

If you are still a low-level player, you will learn tactics that will help your progress. If you are more of an advanced player, you will learn certain strategies that will help you to use the gear efficiently in the arenas. That will increase the satisfaction that you get while playing, making you enjoy every moment in front of the display.