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WhatsApp Android to iPhone Transfer

by Tracy Finke

Communication is part of our daily lives. That is our reality because without communication we would not succeed. It includes all our loved ones, family, co-workers, and all the other people we are in contact with. We do this mostly through telephone conversations, but tagging applications are also widely used.

The most popular of these is WhatsApp. It is a chat application that is well known to all of us and is very useful to us as it offers a huge number of features and functions that facilitate data exchange and communication in general.

When it comes to WhatsApp, it is good to note that this application is available for iPhone users, but also for Android phone users. When we mention this, it’s good to note that all conversations have recently been approved, ie Google and WhatsApp have simply created a feature that allows all iPhone users to transfer their conversations from iPhone to Android devices that use operating system Android 12 or someone newer.

This is a great relief if you change your mobile phone so that you have all the conversations available to you. This is available for all Pixel phones, but also for all other devices running Google. An available transfer from the Android mobile phone to the iPhone is also allowed. This is available through the application itself, but it is also available through another way that is also widely used by WhatsApp users, and that is through some of the specialized data transfer applications such as AnyTrans.

What exactly is AnyTrans? It is a software solution in the form of an application that is available on almost every device. All you need to do is download it to your computer, activate it, and transfer all the content you have on your iPhone or iPad to your computer and vice versa without any problem, but it also allows you to transfer all the content from the WhatsApp application from Android on your iPhone or your Apple device.

As an option, the Google platform – Google Drive is offered, which is the same way for transferring and temporarily storing all data. Is this application really that powerful and beneficial to users? Yes, and we will find out more about it below.

Transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone with AnyTrans

Source: youtube.com

Are you in a situation where you are replacing your Android phone model with an Apple iPhone? Do you think that any data you have on your phone is simply captured and non-transferable, especially WhatsApp data? This is not true because you have the latest software in front of you that can help you with data transfer, and especially with WhatsApp data transfer. What are the benefits? We get to know them better together below.

1. You can also transfer any content from WhatApp from Android device to an iOS device

Although at first glance it seems that this application specializes only in transferring from one type of operating system to another, this is not the case. If you want to transfer data from WhatsApp from Android to iOS it is available through AnyTrans. All you need to do is follow the instructions for which you can first read more, and then apply what is recommended by the experts who worked on creating this powerful tool.

2. No need to reset iPhone and existing content on iPhone will not be erased

Source: nikkan.co.jp

There is one very good thing about this application called AnyTrans, and that is that you have no need to reset your iPhone after the transfer and the content of your Apple device will be still available. This means that there is no risk of losing anything after you have done all the data transfer, which could happen to other unverified applications of this type.

3. Support to transfer all WhatsApp chats including attachments, and the chat history structure will be kept

If you think that after you make the transfer you will only have pictures and videos or attachments this is not the case. Literally, with the help of AnyTrans, you can make a mirroring of the condition you left on the previous device and as such transfer it to your new mobile device.

4. Support all Android device models from all manufacturers

Source: wired.com

You do not need to check if this mobile software is available for your mobile phone brand. The developers simply worked to create software that could be downloaded by any user, used easily and simply by any user and on any mobile phone. This means that you can download it on any brand provided you have a newer model of the Android operating system.

5. The whole transfer process is simple, fast, complete, and seamless

No need to do any complicated actions and operations! Everything can be done in just a few simple steps that you can get if you first get detailed information on how to use AnyTrans. Follow a few simple steps and simply complete the transfer from your previous one to your new mobile device.

If you saw these benefits and saw the power of AnyTrans, and thus realized your need to transfer data from the WhatsApp application from one device to another, you can watch the video below, which explains in detail how to make the transfer from Android device to iOS device, i.e. iPhone – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IEnNVNd79c.

AnyTrans is not only a tool to move WhatsApp chats

Source: computerworld.com

If you thought it was a unified and simple application that only offers data transfer from WhatsApp chats then you are wrong. This mobile software is much more than that, especially if you use it on your iPhone. It is a mobile software that allows you to improve the experience of using your Apple mobile device such as images, messages, contacts, call logs, ringtones, and so on, may be transferred from Android to iPhone.

AnyTrans provides a quicker, more stable, more adaptable Android to iPhone transfer than Apple’s Move to iOS service. Furthermore, AnyTrans is more than just a data transfer tool; it’s also an iPhone manager that may assist users save time and effort in a variety of ways, including data backup, custom ringtone creation, backup / upgrade / manage iPhone apps, and mirroring the iPhone screen to a computer. So, if you’re switching from Android to iPhone, an iPhone manager like AnyTrans can help you address a lot of problems before you fully commit to iOS.

Changing your phone is now much easier as you can easily transfer all your data without losing any of your WhatsApp conversations. This great solution is in front of you and we think it is good to see it, but also to try it next time.