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Four Easy and Delicious End-of-Summer Recipes for Seniors

by Dangula Bingula

To some, August represents the end of summer. It’s the month leading up towards Labour Day Weekend when students go back to school and the days start to feel a little bit shorter. However, it’s one of the most beautiful months of the year: you’ll hear the hypnotic buzz of the beautiful cicada in the evenings, and usually, the humidity has eased up a little by the time August rolls around.

Some of the best things to look forward to in August are all of the fruits and vegetables that are in season. With so many delicious fresh ingredients available, you’ll want to impress your family and friends by inviting them over for a tasty meal.


If there is a special Senior that you’d like to show your culinary skills to, consider inviting yourself over to test out the following recipes using some of August’s best seasonal fruits. You’ll also want to click here to find out how your loved one will benefit from in-home support and health care.



It goes without saying that peaches are one of the most anticipated summer favorites — there’s nothing quite like that sweet, juicy flavor. The great thing about peaches is that the texture is soft and it’s adaptable enough to go in many different recipes, which means it’s the perfect treat for Seniors who might have issues biting into a harder fruit.

You can toss them in a salad, bake them into a pie or a cobbler, or just place a few slices next to some fresh cream. Peaches are delicious in a variety of ways, but have you ever thought to put them in pancakes?



Another August favorite is the delectable and versatile tomato. Both sweet and savory, tomatoes are famous for sauces as well as refreshing and crunchy salads. They are the perfect end-of-summer treat and add a burst of flavor to nearly any meal.

If you’re making dinner with an elderly family member or friend this month, try this easy-to-prepare Caprese Pasta Salad. Using the bright flavors of cherry or grape tomatoes, this salad is both tasty and light for any Senior to enjoy.



The final August fruit on our list is the most refreshing one of all: watermelon. Each bite of a watermelon contains about 92% water, so it’s the perfect snack for Seniors on a hot afternoon because of its hydrating qualities.

Aside from knowing how to cut a watermelon properly, it’s fairly simple for Seniors to prepare. Cut up your melon using these instructions before serving to your loved one, and then indulge in our simplest recipe yet: salted watermelon.

All you have to do is sprinkle your preferred salt (Kosher, sea salt, flake, or table) on top of sliced watermelon. It’s a deliciously refreshing snack on days when it’s too hot to cook, and it leaves you more time to enjoy precious moments with your loved one.

These simple recipes with seasonal August fruits can be easily prepared by Seniors and enjoyed by everyone — try them today before the summer is over!