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Food That Is Banned On The Queen Elisabeth’s Menu

by Nebojša Vujinović

The Royal family follows many rules and regulations when it comes to public engagements and how they are presented in the public eye. But did you know that there is also a dining protocol which also has to be followed as the Queen and other members of the Royal family can’t eat any food?

Every food that is prepared at the Windsor or other castle must be approved by the Queen. She has her routine when it comes to food. The Queen usually starts a day with a simple breakfast – tea and biscuits. This is followed by a bowl of cereal, but lately, the Queen is taking care of her health and line, so she chooses the food with a small proportion of carbohydrates.

For lunch, she likes to eat fish or meat, but her favourite food is chocolate. Queen Elizabeth is very picky when it comes to food, so her chef had made a book which is always given to the Queen at the end of a meal, where is writes in if she would like the food to stay on the menu, or it should be removed.

There are some things that she doesn’t like so they are never allowed to prepare those things, like potatoes or pasta. But those are not the only things forbidden on her menu. Here is a list of what the Queen and the rest of the Royal family are not allowed to eat.


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Garlic is probably everyone’s favourite ingredient to put in food, especially when making meat, but not at Windsor castle. One might think that there is something wrong with this vegetable, but it’s just that The Queen doesn’t like it. She simply can’t stand the smell of garlic and thinks it would be rude to have a bad smell from it, so that is the reason it is forbidden in their household.


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If you ate seafood, then you had the opportunity to enjoy food that the royal family is not allowed to eat. Lobsters, crabs, and shrimps are simply too much of a risk for this family. The reason is, of course, the possibility of food poisoning. The Queen and the rest of the family have to be very cautious with food, so this type of food is banned.

Rare meat

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Queen loves eating meat, especially a steak, but it has to be well prepared. Her Christmas and Easter dinners are always filled with different types of meat. However, meat is not allowed to be rare. Especially when traveling to Royal engagements as eating it like that carries many risks, including food poisoning.

Starchy food

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This information was revealed by former chef Darren McGrady. It is not known what the real reason is, but the Queen has strictly forbidden the use of starch when food is prepared for her. Pasta, rice, and potatoes will never be on the plate of this famous lady.

Spicy Food

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The reason this is not allowed is also because of the safety. When going on Royal engagements, the members of the family have to look their best, so spicy food can make them sick.

Foie Gras

This one has nothing to do with safety. This food is a very expensive and high-class kind of pâté, and its production is even banned in the UK.