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3 Tips For Understanding Floor Plan Symbols

by Tracy Finke

Whether you are working as a constructor or a designer where you have to build or repair some building, the floor plan is the first thing you will need. It is essential to keep this paper at your home so you can order the right products for the repair. Also, a floor plan of some buildings will help the logistics to find the right place there.

Moreover, if you are planning to build a house, this is the paper where you can check the outline and see if you like the provided design. However, understanding this paper can be challenging for those without knowledge and experience in this area. That is the main reason to check out foyr.com. Also, we are going to introduce you to some tips that will help you understand the symbols in the floor plan.

1. Learn the Basics

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The first step is to find a list of all symbols that are used in floor plans and find out what they mean. Starting by reading the plan can be quite difficult for people since there will be all kinds of symbols, which means that even if you know most of them, it will be difficult to understand the outline and design.

In that matter, try by simply learning more about these signs and start with a more basic projects where you can start with the plain models.

For example, get some example that represents a single room in some building. You will notice that there are signs for doors, windows, furniture, additional devices, floor, and much more. Also, there will be dimensions presented as well, which is crucial when you are planning to buy new furniture or other items.

2. There are Different Categories

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There are three main categories for these signs, and they can represent labels, appearance, and conventions. When it comes to the labels, it can be a simple sign or a letter where you will know where the electric installations are, thermostat, air-conditioning device, and other devices.

The symbols for appearance are easiest to understand since they are clearly outlined to represent a toilet seat, sofa, wall, and more. The conventions are used to separate rooms and provide clear dimensions and design of rooms.

There are all kinds of signs that can provide a lot of information about some structure. For example, some signs will represent the direction to where rooms and hallways are directed to. In most cases, it is a simple arrow, which means that anyone will understand it easily.

Moreover, the sign for stairs is also quite simple, but you should pay attention to some details to understand whether they are directed to lower or upper floors. When it comes to doors, you will find different types that represents double model, single model, sliding model, and other versions.

Windows might be a little more difficult since there are all kinds of windows, which means that it is crucial to pay attention to additional signs and details that will help you to understand the position, size, and direction of them.

The dimensions and additional items are very simple since there are basic signs that describes them. In that matter, you will easily notice whether there are various devices, additional walls, and other items available on some object.

Furthermore, we have to mention that the most difficult part is to learn all those small signs that represent all kinds of details. For example, smoke detector, compressor, roof top, diffuser, sensors, electric installations, and many other devices. They are presented as small signs with only a picture or one or few letters. Therefore, someone who is holding the floor plan for the first time will have issues with understanding all these details.

3. Consult an Expert

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If the main reason for learning more about the meaning of different signs used in floor plans is to repair or construct some building, room, or any other type of construction, the most important thing is to never rush with your decision. It can help you in various situations as well.

For instance, you are planning to buy new furniture for the living room. Instead of dealing with measuring the room and current pieces of furniture, you can simply open the plan and check out the right dimensions that could fit.

On the other side, it represents the core of proper design and construction. If you got the plan from the constructor, but you have issues with understanding the details, be sure to ask an expert in this area for help. Maybe there are some details that you want to change or add, and the only way to present it properly to the constructor is to include these details in the plan.

Another reason to consult an expert is when you want to deal with some repairs. For example, you want to paint the rooms, but you are not sure how much paint you need. The fastest and easiest way to calculate that is by using the plan. It represents the core outline of any structure, and you should always keep it at home. There is some valuable information about the whole structure, and every constructor will need it before creating the right plan for repair or construction.

Last Words

As you can see, this plan might seem too difficult since it is complex, but all you need to do is learning the meaning of all those symbols and focus on each detail presented in the plan. As we already mentioned, take your time with learning and start with some simple outlines.

There are some complex plans as well, which is especially the case with large commercial buildings. Therefore, if you are working as a logistics in such a building, you might need an assistance to understand all the details about the structure.

The most important thing is to focus and pay attention to all sings and how they might be connected. Never rush with your conclusions if you are not sure what some symbol might represent.