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Top 4 Places to Find and Hire Best Freelance Developers for Your Development Projects in 2024

by Tracy Finke

If you have an idea about creating your IT company from scratch, then you can be sure that some hard times await you. There are a plethora of factors to pay attention to. But even when you pay close attention to these, there is a possibility that even all this attention will simply not be good enough.

Without any doubt, having enough funds is the biggest problem out there. We all know the stories about talented people who have created something big. But, you can be sure that this wouldn’t be possible without funding. Someone had to believe their idea will be a success.

Thankfully, there are many ways you can save money during this process. One of the most effective ones is hiring freelance developers to take part in your project. We’re talking about a procedure that is addressed as outsourcing. Let’s see a couple of places where you can find skillful candidates.

1. Upwork

Source: millo.co

We would like to start with the biggest freelance hub in the world, Upwork. There’s practically no company out there who hasn’t heard about this one. To be precise, all the biggest companies out there has an account on Upwork. The latest number of clients on this platform was five million.

Add to that more than 12 million freelancers, and you will see why this is easily the biggest freelance marketplace out there. It serves as a medium, that connects clients with the candidates experienced and skillful enough to provide them with some high-quality work.

Since the number of freelancers is so high, there’s no chance you will not find someone who can do what you need. After the job is done, you can rate the freelancer’s work. At the same time, the clients are also rated by freelancers. So, this can be a great indicator of someone’s credibility and work ethics.

2. Fiverr

Source: pymnts.com

Even though Fiverr doesn’t have a tradition as long as some other communities we’ve put on this list, it has certainly established quite a reputability. It will provide employees with a chance to navigate through countless candidates before they find those who can help them with their projects properly.

Besides that, this is a place where you can find developers who are, let’s say, much harder to find. We’re talking about those who are experts in some programming languages who are simply not as popular as Java or Python. Besides, you can find both beginners and veterans in this industry.

It all depends on the profile of workers you need for your project. It is not uncommon to see that some of the candidates employed through Fiverr have become full-time employees at some of the biggest companies in the world. So, Fiverr is one of the places to take a look at.

3. Toptal

Source: toptal.com

Toptal is easily one of the most recognized freelancer communities out there. It has established quite a reputation due to millions of people who use it on daily basis. It is interesting to know that Toptal uses a specific approach when screening the candidates which have numerous aspects.

The screening consists of tests like language tests, personality tests, project-oriented thinking tests, and many technical discussions with the engineers who are employed at Toptal. Through this screening, Toptal will provide you with appropriate candidates who can meet your needs and preferences.

It needs to be said that this website allows only the best candidates to become a part of the community. So, clients should be afraid of a situation when they employ someone who simply doesn’t have the knowledge or experience to complete any sort of task successfully.

3. Reintech

Source: reintech.io

When looking for the best places to look for freelancers for your project, looking at a community created by freelancers themselves will be of much help. We’re talking about Reintech. It is a community that was created by ex-freelancers who understand even the smallest features of this industry.

So, they understand both clients’ and freelancers’ needs. With that experience in mind, they’ve created a community that helps both parties to make the most out of this sort of collaboration. Not only that their pool of candidates is huge, but the communication between parties is also at an excellent level.

Plus, both of them will have good communication with the platform’s management when needed. Reintech is a platform that specializes in finding the best developers out there. Others offer a wide array of different professionals. If you would like to learn more about Reintech, you should visit https://reintech.io/blog/toptal-alternatives-reintech.

4. LinkedIn

Source: hongkongfp.com

Finally, we want to talk about LinkedIn. For a long time, the biggest companies didn’t make the most out of this one when looking for new candidates or freelancers. But, the situation has changed massively in the last couple of years. Today, it is one of the commonest sources of new candidates.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Every account has a form of curriculum vitae. So, you can find all the relevant information about a candidate, like work history, competency, and some other interesting information. Not to mention that this is a place where you can conduct a marketing campaign.

What sets LinkedIn apart from all other entries on this list of ours, is that this is primarily a social media platform. However, it focuses solely on business. Little is known about the fact that LinkedIn has a longer tradition than a majority of social media out there, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

To Sum It Up

We all know that outsourcing some aspects of your project can both help you minimize the costs and still get the highest level of work quality. Since there are so many freelancers to choose from, this choice is not always easy. Here, we’ve provided you with a couple of places where you should look.

Each of these come with their own, unique approaches. Therefore, decide which one of these you will use solely on your needs and preferences. But, make sure you understand their approach before you do that.