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Is There a Fasting Tracking App that Makes Life Simpler for You?

by Tracy Finke

Do you wish to use fasting to alchemize your health? You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for anything to help you quickly and encourage you. Some folks are completely unaware of the fasting rules. For iPhone users, have created an IOS app that can help them plan and track their fasting time.

Fasting is seen differently by various individuals; some believe it is harmful, while others believe it is a religious necessity. Short-term fasting, on the other hand, provides several health benefits for the human body, including weight management and illness prevention.

People are having difficulty keeping track of their fasting and obtaining fasting instructions. They can use the fasting tracker app Lasta to keep track of their fasting hours. Before exploring the fasting tracker app, let’s discuss the science behind the benefits of fasting.

Science behind fasting

Source: cedars-sinai.org

When a person fasts, the body does not get glucose in a normal way. This forces the cells to produce energy by other means. The liver helps to produce glucose energy from non-carbohydrate materials. Likewise, Ketosis, a process of burning stored fats in the body, occurs as a result of fasting. This process helps to lose weight and balance blood sugar levels.

We can say, fasting helps to make our body strong as the cells enhance their ability to cope with the stress due to fasting. This enhancement of the ability to cope with stress is similar to stress when we do body exercises. Looking at these benefits, one can say fasting is not only for weight control but one can have a strong and healthy body with an active lifestyle.

Different types of fasting

Fasting can be done in different ways depending on the people and which method they choose.

No feeding for a specific time

In this type of fasting, you are required not to eat anything during a specific time. This specific time is the circadian rhythm which is our body clock that tells our body when to sleep, eat or rise. That means we have to restrict the feeding during our body’s circadian rhythm.

Intermittent Calorie Restriction

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If you like to eat a lot every time, then intermittent calorie restriction fasting can help you to achieve fasting goals. This will remind you that you do not have to eat all the time and it will also help you to burn your fat during the fasting time.

Fasting-mimicking diet

Are you unable to control your food intake? If yes, a Fasting-mimicking diet is a good option for you to achieve your fasting objective. Fasting-mimicking diet is a low-calorie but not a no-calorie eating plan. When a body does not get enough calories, it will automatically start the Ketosis process that will burn the stored fats.

Benefits of fasting

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If you look at the benefits of fasting, you will be amazed by the benefits. Some of the benefits of fasting are:

  • Helps to fight against cancer
  • Improve the cognitive abilities
  • Protect you from obesity and related diseases
  • Overall fitness is achieved
  • Helps to maintain an optimum weight

Fasting tracker app

Are you in need of guidance and motivation for your fasting activity? Fasting tracker is a perfect app that will help you in this journey. For example, this app can be like your friend, that reminds you if you forget some target or motivates you to achieve your goals. Read on to learn more about the features of the fasting tracker apps.

Simple and easy to use interface

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The fasting trackers have a very simple and easy-to-use interface. You can easily manage and configure the app according to your requirements. If you still find it difficult to use, you can contact customer support anytime.

Customize your schedules

The best thing is that the fasting tracker app gives you the freedom to choose your customized schedules that suits you and you can get the desired results irrespective of the schedules. What else does someone want? It can customize the timings and diet as you want.

Customize your non-fasting time diet

The fasting tracker app is not only your fasting tracker, but it also helps to manage calorie intake during your non-fasting time. This shows that the fasting tracker is your all-time friend.

Track your goals

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The good news is that you can track your goals using the fasting tracker. Some people are unable to track their goals. You can see track your progress using the app and it will help you to plan for your further goals.

Fasting tips

The described app is designed for the ease of its user. It helps by providing easy and useful tips for fasting. Users can follow these tips to easily achieve the fasting target. These tips are also made for the users during the non-fasting time, which will help the users to control their diet during their non-fasting time.

Motivation all the time

Motivation is an important part of every goal in life. Likewise, fasting needs some motivation too that will help the people to keep fasting and keep themselves healthy. If you are a user of such an app then you can find some motivation over there too.

24/7 Customer support

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Customers love when they are facilitated. Likewise, the fasting tracker has 24/7 customer support to help their customers with any issue. You are most welcome to contact us for any query or issue.


In short, fasting is a good way to keep oneself healthy and the fasting tracker is a complete guide for such people. If you are looking for something that can bring you back on track with a healthy lifestyle or even if you are starting as a newbie, this is something that will never disappoint you.

It will guide you completely from your dieting plan during fasting and non-fasting time. So, what are you waiting for? Get the app now and start building a healthier lifestyle for yourself. Many of our users have already taken the benefits of this wonderful app and you should take the benefit soon.