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‘X Men’ Star Can Barely Smile Because of Too Many Plastic Surgeries and Botox

by Tracy Finke

Actress Famke Janssen today is better known for her numerous facial plastic surgeries than for her roles, many of her fans comment.

The former model and actress used to be a captivating Hollywood lady whose beauty was admired by both men and women, but neither did she resist the frequent use of cosmetic corrections and Botox treatments.

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Rarely do women in the entertainment industry resist the charm of such beautification, some exaggerate enough to change completely, which sadly happened to Famke Janssen.

Recently, the star of “X Men” and “Taken” films has become an increasingly frequent guest of various events, so it’s no surprise that conversation and rumors about her appearance started again.

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Her eyes are more “catty” than usual, and when she smiles, the celebrity brunette looks like she can barely do it. Just a few months ago, Famke looked different and much better, her fans comment.

That the 55-year-old Dutch actress changed her appearance is more than obvious, and whether the actress has overdone the corrections on her face, judge for yourself.

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By the way, Famke was born in the Dutch city of Amstelveen and has not been seen dating a man since 2000. She then divorced her husband, Kip Williams, after five years of marriage.

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The actress appears to have found solace from the failed marriage in her work, but also with frequent visits to plastic surgeons.

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