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8 Family Camping Trip & Summer Vacation Ideas – 2024 Guide

by Jajce d Muckic

Is there a person on this planet that does not like to travel? It doesn’t matter how old you are. The kid that is 7 years old and a grandpa that is 77 years old has the same desire to travel. Traveling is an activity that is, was, always will be the favorite one among people.

Still, we need to be negative for a second. Two things are preventing us from traveling more often. First of all, the budget of many families in the world is limited. They can mostly travel once per year. Despite that, we work every day and one weekend won’t be enough to travel somewhere. Yet, camping is also one of the options that people often use to get out of the town.


Fortunately, people that have “9-5” jobs get a deserved holiday over the summer. This is the part of the year when we all recharge our batteries for the duties that are waiting for us. We assume that young people usually travel together with their friends or love relationship. Yet, when you have your own family, traveling without them is not even an option.

However, are all destinations in the world good for families? The answer to this question is “no”. This also includes campsites. Most of them are great for young people that want to have fun. Still, we assume that families have different plans. More precisely, parents want to relax in a completely different way.

In this article, you will find out the best family camping trip and summer vacation ideas. Enough talking; let’s get started.

Baha Mar


Well, this is one of the most popular family vacation destinations for a good reason. Here you can find a huge number of sand beaches and crystal blue surf. Despite that, many family-friendly activities will make your trip more entertaining.

There is one thing that we would want to highlight. At Baha Mar, there is an Explorers Club. This club opens at 9 AM and it works until 10 PM. Here kids that are between 3 and 12 years old can enjoy a different types of exciting adventures and games. This is a great thing for parents that want to have some time for themselves.

Woodloch Resort


This place people can visit during the summer and winter as well. However, we will only talk here about the summer vacation. Families will have the chance to enjoy different activities during their summer holiday. For instance, they can head outdoors for ziplines, swim outdoors and indoors, go-carts, etc. Additionally, you can visit escape rooms. Believe it or not, each day, more than 30 activities are scheduled. That is the main reason why we recommend this to families.

South Seas Island Resort


Well, if you are planning to go on an island vacation, then this is the spot you should pick. The entire resort is surrounded by more than 330-acre wildlife preserve. Despite that, Sanibel Sea School will make the entire holiday a lot more interesting to your kids. They come here often to introduce kids with the natural environment.

Additionally, this place offers many sports activities. You and your family can fish, bike, swim, and hunt for shells on a beach. Despite that, spending time on the beach is something we completely recommend to families. Imagine yourself looking at the waves and enjoying the silence. It is a moment that you will remember forever. We believe that camping cots will make things more comfortable. If you do not possess them, you should read reviews here to get more information about different models. They are a perfect solution even if you are planning to camp here for only two days.

The Tyler Place Family Resort


Before we even start reviewing this place, we already know that parents will love it. If you want to enjoy your holiday to the fullest and get some rest, this is the place you should visit. Your kids will have their own “duties” during the holiday.
The activities that kids will attend are broken down into eight different age groups. If your kid is too young, there is no reason to worry. Some programs are dedicated to toddlers and infants.

Each program is adapted to the interests and needs of a child of a certain age. Some of the activities they will have the chance to attend are tubing and boating. Despite that, they can expect stand-up paddle-boarding, karaoke, fishing, hiking trips, etc.

Great Wolf Lodge


These parks you can find multiple locations across the United States. Is there a kid that doesn’t like to swim? Well, here, the swimming day is always perfect. Many people avoid water parks because they are afraid that rain will ruin their plans. Still, this time, you do not have this type of problem. All the parks across the USA are indoors.
P.S. There are around 20 water parks in the country.

Out’n’About Treesort

We need to say that this resort is one of the most family-friendly places in the world. The day activity that you and your family will have is learning how to build a treehouse. Despite that, you will also participate in ropes courses.

Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort and Spa


This place will satisfy the needs of kids and grownups at the same time. First of all, you can expect family-style dining options each night of your holiday. Despite that, the morning and afternoon will be the parts of the day when parents can relax. Their kids will be busy with some “kids” activities.

Almost during the entire day, there will be live music in the resort. So, if you are a music lover, this is the place where you should come.

Whistler Blackcomb


One of the main reasons why we want to get out of the town during summer is high temperature. Is there a best way to get away from warm weather than going to a mountain?

The temperatures here are always lower. However, during the summer, they are quite comfortable. The entire family can enjoy fishing, mountain biking, mini-golf, and horseback riding. There are also bear-viewing tours for the “bravest” ones.

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