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12 Useful Facebook Tools & Tricks You Should Be Using in 2024

by William Gist

In today’s society, having a good Facebook account is not more an option – it is rather a necessity. Being on social media has become in some way an obligation. It is due to that there are 1.69 billion active Facebook users in the world, and each of them is our possible buyer.

When you look at the whole picture in this way, it becomes clearer why you should care about the appearance of your Facebook page. You can see that you can develop a strong niche just from your Facebook users. Social media changed the way we are living our everyday lives. Social media and specifically Facebook are being used for advertising & marketing purposes by hundreds of thousands of companies worldwide and by companies who help to manage their ad budgets and monitor their ROI, one such company is AIAD.

The biggest change is in the way we spend our free time. In the past, many people would go for a walk in their free time, but nowadays people are not willing to use their feet, instead, they will use their fingers to scroll through social media via their cell phone. Before there was a high possibility that a person would walk next to your shop, see a nice-looking shop window, and decide to buy some products from your store. Today 1.69 billion people can visit your business virtually.

Running a business on Facebook without the help of tools is practically impossible. We are lucky that there are a bunch of free/paid tools online which are very simple to use and these are some of the best.

1. Pages

Source: medium.com

Pages is an interesting tool. There are a lot of features like appointment scheduling and chat via messenger. Therefore, this tool is very practical for local businesses. The particular good feature is that customers can rate you and write reviews.

2. Pages insights

Source: strikesocial.com

Information is power, but do not be confused – information is not the same as data. In order to have information and not just data we need to have data that is relevant for us and that is where Pages insight does its part. Page insights is an analytic tool that will help you to gain pieces of information from your data – how many likes you have, how the number of likes changes with time, and where the likes come from. You can even discover the reach of your content or what section of your page people are responding too. Additionally, you can see the demographic info of your visitors.

3. Pages manager app

Source: icerikgo.com

Having multiple businesses is not easy especially when you need to be in charge of two Facebook pages. It could be confusing, and you can even forget to respond to comments and private messages. To prevent this, you need to have the Pages manager app. It will help you to manage your activity and multiple pages from your mobile device.

4. Canvas

Source: instapage.com

Creating an ordinary Facebook post is not enough anymore. Customers are now looking for interactive content that will keep their attention. Try Canvas and you won’t regret it.

5. Facebook pixels

Source: fistfuloftalent.com

Facebook pixels is a code that will allow your website to measure, optimize, and build an audience for your ad campaigns.

Besides, it can notice when someone visits your site and report this action. Afterward, you will be able to reach this person again by using a custom audience.

6. Ad creation tool

Source: amhwebstudio.co.in

With this tool, you can create an ad, and then you can select an audience that will see it by location, interests, and so on. This way your potential customers can get directions to the store, download an app, new videos, and put items to the shopping cart. For downloading videos directly from Facebook, you can also use Inflact.

7. Page post engagement ads

Source: instapage.com

The important thing about your content is that is seeable by many people. The more people see your ad, the higher is the chance you will gain financial benefit from it. This app will make your ads more seeable and it will have more likes, comments, and shares. The process of creation of this kind of ad is very simple. You need to choose to create an ad, and then boost your post as your objective. Another useful feature is that you can add website addresses to send people to a specific page on your website.

8. Page like ads

Source: optimize360.fr

Awareness of your page existence is crucial for your business success. A page like ads will allow you to run an ad to get more people to like your Facebook page. It is simple to use and it is very effective.

9. Event response ads

Source: virstomarketingskola.wordpress.com

A very useful ad will allow you to keep track of how many people responded to your invite. Very simply you can create an event that Facebook users can add to their own Facebook calendar.

10. Hashtags

Source: tweetblog.net

Hashtags are practical when people want to find a post about topics they are interested in. Using them is a smart idea because they will link your posts and help you get a better reach. Relevant hashtags are the best, but you must be aware that some are banned to use. Be careful if you decide to use them – your post will have extremely bad reach.

11. Lead ads

Source: youtube.com

If you want to create contact forms in your ads that will have contact information (for example email address or similar) using Lead ads is the right choice. This app is will allow people to quickly and safely sign up for receiving information from businesses.

12. Mobile monkey

Source: lifetimedeals.io

Mobile monkey is a great app with the potential to make more user engagement. It allows you to make a list of messenger’s subscribers and then it will send messenger broadcasts and drip campaigns to your customers. The good thing about it is that also has a feature to automatically respond to comments on your Facebook posts. Full support for Facebook messenger ads is included as well as sponsored ads, prebuild chatbot templates, and powerful chatbot analytics tools.

Internet marketing is essential for the success of any business today. We presented you with the best ones and we hope you will try them. Do not hesitate, start today with experimenting, and success is granted for sure.