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What to Expect From a Legal Team in Texas – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

The average person may end up needing the legal services of a lawyer or law firm at some point in his or her life, whether it is for a traffic ticket, drunk driving, a divorce, or a personal injury case. Whenever a need for an attorney or law firm arises, a person should check to ensure the legal team chosen has the experience in the area the person needs legal aid. For example. It would not be wise to select a lawyer or law firm that practices personal injury law for a family law matter. This article will deal with the types of law issues a person in Texas may need and what to look for.

Looking at Different Aspects of the Legal Services of Attorneys

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An area of law that many people will need at one time or another is that of a family law attorney, such as for child adoption cases, child support services, or to help resolve marital conflict. In Texas, the Kelly Legal Group is a law firm that represents clients with family law issues, and here are a few things clients may want to know. When looking at the laws regarding adoption in Texas, just about any adult can adopt a child, although the child’s consent is needed if the child is age 12 or older. If an adult petitioning to adopt is married, both spouses must consent to the adoption unless one of the adults is a parent of the child.

Looking More at Texas Family Laws

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Child support is a big issue for family law, and in Texas, the amount of child support must be in the best interests of the child. If the parent who is to pay the child support fails to do so, the custodial parent may begin the enforcement process, which could land the non-custodial parent in jail if he or she continues to fail to meet the obligations. When looking at who will have custody of the child or children in Texas, that is known as conservatorship and will be either joint managing or sole managing. A family law judge determines the terms of a conservatorship unless the parents can come to some kind of agreement about the child or children’s custody.

Looking at Texas Personal Injury Laws

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In Texas, if a person wants to file a personal injury lawsuit, he or she should be aware of the statute of limitations imposed, which is two years from the date of the accident or injury. This means that, if the person fails to get the lawsuit filed in a Texas civil court, the personal injury case will most likely go unheard. It also means that the person will forfeit his or her opportunity to be awarded damages in the personal injury case. The claimant must ensure he or she does all that is necessary to get the lawsuit filed at the proper time.

Continuing to Look at Texas Personal Injury Laws

The claimant must be kept in mind that Teas employs the shared fault rule, in which the version Texas uses is called the “modified comparative fault rule.” This means that any percentage the claimant is found to be at fault for what happened in the accident or injury will be reduced from any damages awarded. However, if the percentage of the claimant is found at fault is more than 50 percent, the claimant will not be awarded any damages in the incident. This makes it critical that the claimant hires an attorney or law firm to keep this from happening.

Looking at Wills and Estates Law in Texas

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Another area of law to look at in Texas applies to the establishment and execution of wills and estates and how the law will affect those involved. Estate planning always begins with a will, and the document must be filled out properly and completely to make sure it is fully effective after the testator of the will passes on. Having a will reduces the chance of volatile family conflicts on how the estate will be handled after the death of the testator. It is important that the person does not die intestate, otherwise, the court system will determine how to dispose of the estate, most likely according to blood ties.

Looking at Business Law in Texas

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When looking at business law in Texas, it is imperative to know how to deal with various codes that must be applied, particularly when establishing a business. This may include forming sole proprietorships, joint ventures, and corporations. The client must also know what to do about various building codes, especially being careful to not violate any codes that may get them into trouble when building on the property. They must also know about the licenses and certifications that will be needed to stay within the legal guidelines of Texas laws.

Looking at Criminal Law in Texas

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Criminal law covers a wide range of topics, including everything from drunk driving to shoplifting to capital murder crimes to white-collar crimes. In any case, the client will need an excellent lawyer, especially one who is experienced in the area of law that the client has trouble in. The criminal lawyer will be needed to help decrease the liability a client has. For example, the lawyer may assist in reducing a drunk driving charge or a speeding ticket so the person’s insurance is not affected. A criminal lawyer will also be needed if the person has committed a felony, as felonies carry more serious consequences.

A Final Look at Laws in Texas

Looking further at criminal law, it is necessary to have a criminal lawyer who will help the client because the outcome of some cases may impact the person’s career or decide where he or she may live. This is especially true of sex crimes and identity theft crimes, which will lead to restrictions on what a person may do or where he or she may live. If a person has a drunk driving charge, he or she will want to avoid a conviction that may result in the loss of their driving privileges.