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7 Essentials Every Beginner Fisherman Needs – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

Fishing has been of great importance throughout human history, as an activity that could feed entire families. Even today, many nations in the world make a living from fishing. But for a long time now, it has been an activity that serves not only for mere food or business reasons but also for entertainment.

People are constantly in an urban environment and I need an activity that will take them to nature and create direct contact with nature. That is why many choose to make it their hobby and many opt for recreational fishing where the catch is often returned to the water, instead of being consumed in the diet. If you have also decided to become a fisherman, then our guide will be useful, where you will find all the essential things you need.

1. Permit

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A permit or license is the first thing you need to get when you decide to engage in this activity. Don’t risk being caught by the authorities fishing without a license, as you will pay a very large fine. And the permit is very cheap and easy to obtain. The license will state for which areas it is valid, for which species of fish, and all other things that are regulated by law. It is best to buy an annual permit, as this will save you money. Check the laws of your country or state, in some states minors do not need a license, so if you take a child with you, it may not be necessary for him.

2. Rod & reel

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This is the basic part of the equipment without which it is impossible to fish. The rod must be firm at the same time to last a long time and yet flexible so that you can swing and throw it further in the water. There are a lot of models that differ primarily in the material from which they are made as well as their strength and many other factors that beginners usually can’t distinguish. They are made of durable materials like graphite most often and these are also the best models. Responsiveness and strength are factors that should also be considered, and it is best to opt for medium models because you are a beginner. The length is usually chosen according to your height. Reel serves to bring your catch to yourself and there are also various models but mostly they are not expensive. Of course, there are also very expensive ones which are for professionals. Find the rod and reel combo because that way you will get the best price-quality ratio.

3. Line

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Line is something you will constantly need. There are different types, different thicknesses, which affect their durability. They are made of different materials and each material provides an advantage, so over time, you will see which line suits you best. Also, it is thicker for restless waters, while for clear waters it is better to be thin which the fish will not notice. Choosing the right one takes experience, so don’t be surprised if happen to break a few lines within a couple of hours. In the beginning, you will get a line with your rod and reel, but always have a spare, because it can break so that you do not lose the whole day because of that. If you want to learn more about different lines, which we recommend, visit itishooting.com and read reviews for different lines.

4. Hooks

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These are thin pieces of curved wire with a sharp tip without which you would not be able to catch a fish. Like the line, you must always have hooks in reserve. You also need to have many different types, depending on the type of fish you are trying to catch. They range from small and thin for small fish, to huge for the largest fish that weigh several hundred kilos. You don’t want to make a bad choice, because it can break and that way you won’t get caught and the fish will suffer because of it. A circle hook is usually recommended for beginners, although it depends much more on the type of fish than on whether you are a beginner or not.

5. Bait

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You have to somehow attract the fish to hook it, and bait is used for that. It can be alive or it can be a different type of food that will attract them, such as bread, corn, or artificial food made for that purpose. Live bait is an incomparably better choice and should be used whenever you can. Live baits are usually worms or very small fish. It will not be a problem for you to get, you can buy or find both. Also explore what is the best bait for the fish you are trying to catch, as it is very different what fish likes the most. It is also good to have a few lures if you run out of living baits.

6. Pliers

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You will need this tool for the various tasks you will have as a fisherman. First of all, you will need to remove the hook from the fish without injuring yourself, because it is very easy to stab on a small hook, which can be very dangerous to your health. Also if you don’t want to hurt the fish further. If you buy the best quality models, they will be able to replace the line cutter.

7. First aid

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It is essential that you always have a first aid kit with you when you go to nature. You never know when you might get hurt, and as a fisherman, there will definitely be a lot of sharp things around you. It is important that you can give yourself first aid, as these will usually be injuries that do not require a visit to the doctor.


These are the must-have things you need. It is also good to have an insect repellent as you will be exposed to a large number of mosquitoes and other insects. Also sun cream will help you not to get sunburns.