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Best Essay Writing Resources for A-Students

by Nina Smith

Becoming an A-student is something every student fights for. It takes hard work and high-level commitment if you want to be considered a candidate for the jobs of the future. Consider all the assignments lecturers assign each week and write well. 

You may have four assignments from different lecturers within a given week. The problem is to find a solution on how you will handle all the assignments. The solution is in essay-writing resources. Let’s dive straight into them.

Essay Writing Checklist

You spend a lot of time researching, drafting, and writing your essays. It might be futile if you don’t edit the essay keenly. The Essay Writing Checklist will be the right tool to use. The checklist helps you identify any important points you might have omitted.

It lists items like the correct essay length, right spelling, use of verbs, nouns, and many more. The site contains links to other important resources like dictionaries, Wikipedia, learning strategies, and so on. Other links included are for German learning resources.

Citation generators

Source: guide2research.com

Citation generation tools are useful in essay writing because they help the student cite his or her sources correctly. You have access to many citation generation tools online and you can take advantage of the free tools.

Some are paid for with either a monthly or annual subscription. Some of the citation tools are KnightCite which helps cite in Chicago, MLA, and APA styles. ZoteroBib helps cite using URL links, ISBN, DOI, and so on. Citation Builder is useful for citing from any source you have.

The site has links that will help you study style guides, citing articles and books, writing and grammar, and several lists of citation software and generators.

Editing and proofreading tools

According to the writing experts for paper writing services, paperwritingpro.com the most experienced writer can make mistakes. You may edit and proofread your paper five times and still leave out several mistakes. Editing and proofreading tools help you get a clean, error-free paper that you can submit comfortably.

The tools are many, and all that you need to do is choose a tool that best fits your particular essay. For example, ProWritingAid will help you remove errors and improve readability. It will check the words you have used repeatedly so that you can choose a more appropriate word.

Slick Write easily checks grammar and highlights words that need correction. BoomEssays help edit essays. The tool saves time incredibly and works very fast.

Interactive sites for education

Source: fliphtml5.com

Interactive sites for education contain several sites that help students find a helpful guide to the English language. The student can find helpful resources like dictionary skills that contain dictionary words.

As per the dissertation, the writing service contains grammar capitalization help, figurative language site, letters and their upper and lower cases, letter recognition, etc. The resource is useful for students from Grade 5 and above.

The sites are very interactive and students can improve on their grammar and vocabulary very fast. Any student who’s keen to use the resources will reap the benefits of online learning.

Essay writing help sites

Assignments can be too many and have short deadlines. You may realize you will not make it to beat the deadlines no matter how hard you try. You may choose to go online and seek essay writing help from a list of professional writers.

There are many online writers to choose from. Some are individuals who are starting their life after college. Others are established individuals who have been writing for several years. The best choice will be established websites that provide professional online writing services.

Before you submit your paper to any online writing service, do further research and get some deeper details concerning the writer. Not all academic online writers are genuine. They also charge differently and their delivery time and service quality are different too.

Thesis Builder

Source: unsplash.com

The thesis builder helps you build a strong thesis statement for your paper. You can use it to build a thesis topic, get options about a topic and generate some reasons for unique reasons for your topic that others might be lacking.

You must first read and understand the instruction before filling in a few simple questions that will help build your thesis. The tool contains examples for topics and questions you might need to answer. It also has examples of unique thesis statements and examples too.

Information sources search tool

You cannot be able to write a perfect essay if you do not search properly and from the right sources. You must know which online sites to get information from. Because of technology, most of the information you find in print copies can be found online.

Authors maintain a softcopy and hardcopy of their books. Most of the old literature has been upgraded to electronic form. Thankfully, the internet contains many scholarly search engines you can use to get information.

Some of them are Google Books which allows you to browse indexes of books from recent titles to old titles. Science.gov contains over 200 million scientific journal pages useful for science students.

Refseek can pull more than 1 billion books, pages, journals, and encyclopedias for academic and scientific use. ResearchGate brings together researchers who share resources on the site. It has more than 11 million researchers.

Before using the tools for resource searching, first, understand your topic clearly. Know what you are required to write about so that you will not waste a lot of time searching in the wrong places.

Reference management resources

Source: unsplash.com

A student can use thirty resources in one essay. At the end of the essay, you must list and cite all your sources according to the citation style. Sometimes it takes several weeks to gather all the resources.

At the time of citing, it is easy to forget some or most of the resources. The best solution is to use reference management software to help you track all your resources from one place. As you gather information, you paste it into the software and save it for retrieval at a later date.

When it’s time to cite, all you need to do is go back to your reference management software and start to retrieve your sources. It has an added advantage because it will also help you cite in the right format.


Readwritethink Keeps you engaged in various activities that help improve your writing in the English language. The tool helps you do tasks like poems, create comics, generate cards and sort words.

The site contains different tasks for high school students, although primary school students can use the tool too. The student is guided by his or her learning objectives, capabilities, and the theme they want to learn. Its links provide resources for classrooms, interactive videos, professional resources for development and parents, and afterschool resources.

Some of the materials a student can dig deeper into are writing and publishing prose, poetry writing, language learning, organizing your work, and summarizing.


It is not easy to remain an A-student because every other student works hard to possess the position. If you are an A-student, you must study and write smarter than the rest of your colleagues. The best remedy is to use the right writing resources for your assignments. When you get the right information and use it correctly, your grades will remain high.

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Sebastian Rice works as an editor and a copywriter for a dissertation writing service in London and has work experience of three years. The topics that excite him most are an inspiration, productivity, education, and finance and technology.