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Double Glazing vs Secondary Glazing

by Elsa Stringer

You can live in a private or apartment building, it does not matter. Your windows have a glass unit. They reliably protect you from the bad weather. You may have installed them a long time ago, so probably they are made of single glass.

To improve the quality of your glass unit, you should try double glazing or sash windows with triple glazing. But if you heave not removed the old windows before installing the new ones, you can consider secondary glazing. Prior to modernizing your home, you should familiarize yourself with the features of each type of glazing.

What is Double Glazing?


Sash window double glazing is performed as follows: two slabs of glass are installed with a small gap between them. It creates an insulating barrier. This cavity is filled with inert gas so that the heat can slowly leave the apartment. Argon or a normal vacuum may be used.

What is Secondary Glazing?


Secondary glazing does not require a new glazing unit. Another glass or plastic is installed on an existing window. The installation is performed from the inside of the house. Glasses can be then attached directly to the window or be removable. They can be opened and closed together with the sashes.

Types of Windows: Which Ones Are the Best?


Let’s consider which windows are a more profitable investment. Today, a wide range of options is available. If you did not replace the glass unit decades ago, pay attention to how much the design and functionality of the windows have changed. After installing a modern model, you will be able to save on energy costs. The new windows are much better to preserve the warm inside a room.

Planning about buying draft proof sash windows? Then take a look at the factors that accelerate glass wear:

  • temperature fluctuations;
  • direct sunlight;
  • precipitation in form of rain and hail;
  • icing and so on.

In many years, any glass unit will lose its basic properties, the only question is the products service life. Therefore, you should choose windows that are ideal for your climate zone.

A wide range can frustrate. The most popular options today are glass units with double glazing or the installation of secondary glazing. If you cannot decide which type is suitable for your windows, read further. You will learn how the replacement of double glazed sash windows is executed, the main pros and cons of each option.

Double-glazed windows


Double glazing for sash windows includes several glasses separated by an area with insulation: gas or air. This layer helps to minimize the heat loss and absorbing the noise coming from outside.

Glazing with a gas filling inside the empty space is an excellent way to isolate. You can also buy windows with vacuum between glasses, but it will not be as effective. You can also order the installation of a double-glazed window with a low radiation coefficient. Such windows have high reflective properties. The coating is necessary to reflect the sunlight into the room, which is especially important during cold seasons.

The installation of wooden double glazing sash windows requires the removal of the old one, which entails additional costs. Do not forget that the installation should only be carried out by a professional team. Otherwise, there is the possibility of a low quality installation. Up to three windows can be installed during a single day. It will take several days to replace the double-glazed windows in the whole house.

What are secondary glass units? Such glazing implies the installation of additional glass inside the window, which is already installed. In this way, you can increase the insulation level of the old sash windows without having to completely replace them. Often, such glass is a temporary solution for home insulation, but it is also suitable as a permanent option.

The installation of the additional coating should be done by professionals, but if you know how to insert the glass on your own, you may not need to use the team’s services. Secondary glass should be placed from the inner side. It is a full glass in the frame, which is attached to a wall or an existing glass unit. You can choose how to open the windows in different ways and styles. Vertical or horizontal sliders with separate handles are usually mounted.

A more cost-effective and faster way to improve the quality of a glass unit is to install secondary glass. This will provide a draught proofing of sash windows and other unpleasant events. This option does not require the removal of old windows or the replacement of window sills and frames. This is a straightforward and reasonable alternative, which will allow to save on heating and enjoy a renovate view of the window from the room.

So which is better – Secondary glazing or double glazing?


Double glazing existing sash windows are a great option for those who dream about a complete renovation of the interior and facade of their own home. The windows will look in a new way, since it is possible to choose absolutely any variant of decor of a wooden window.

If you chose the secondary glazing, then the long-awaited warm will arrive in your house. And to reduce the level of noise from outside, it is enough to simply close the additional sashes. The appearance of the window from the room will change and the same beautiful double glazing installed many years ago will be still visible from the street.