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Donald Trump Jr. Takes a Dig at Hillary Clinton

by Sinisav

INDEPENDENT – 01/06/2020: The presidential elections that saw Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton were almost four years ago. Yet, members of the Trump family can’t stop taking digs at their former foe. In addition to Donald Trump, who often criticizes Hilary at his Republican rallies, now we have his son calling out Ms. Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a photo on Instagram that sends a message to Hillary Clinton. If you look at the magazine, it has depicted Hilary Clinton behind bars. Trump Jr. was smiling in the photo, satisfied after a good hunt, and probably because this small provocation directed towards Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr

Source: www.metro.us

Trump’s eldest son is very proud of this magazine that has Hillary Clinton engraved on it, posting close up photos of it, showing its ‘Made in USA,’ writings. It also shows a crusaders helmet above the magazine. He also praised Spikes Tactical, who apparently customized this item. The photo had flame emojis and faces that cry from joy in the description. Trump Jr. is very popular on Instagram; 187,741 likes in a matter of hours are proof of this.

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The image of Clinton behind bars is a memento to a chant Trump supporters had during his presidential campaign. If you recall, they often shouted ‘lock her up.’ The chant didn’t die off even years after Trump’s campaign. Even today, whenever he holds the rallies, you can her his supporters shouting the same thing.

You can see Donald Trump Jr’s photo by clicking here.

Donald Trump Jr. and his younger brother Eric Trump are both hunters. While both of them were helping their father during his campaign, they also found time for this hobby. During that time, they were photographed besides some big hunting trophies such as an elephant, a buffalo, and a leopard, all of which they shot at a safari.

Just last month, Donald Trump’s eldest son was on a hunt in Mongolia. There he killed an endangered argali. This species is the world’s biggest sheep, and Mr. Trump Jr. didn’t have the permission to execute this animal. The permit was given to him only after the kill. These are apparently the perks of being the son of the world’s most powerful man.

Source: independent.co.uk