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Do Waist Trainers Reduce Belly Fat?

by Tracy Finke

Getting the perfect shape which makes people look at you in awe is the ultimate wish of every person. But this is a cumbersome task as one needs to focus on various factors which influence it, ranging from diet to exercise. Different other alternative solutions in the market assure users of perfect body shape. So in this article, we will discuss waist trainers, one alternative to reduce body fat and provide ideal shape.

What Is A Waist Trainer?

The waist trainer is a special type of clothing people wear on their bellies, making it easier to bring them in a particular shape. These waist trainers have a unique lacing system that allows you to wear them comfortably with your clothing. This waist trainer is completely different from the sworn idea of vibrating machines worn on bellies and training your stomach; they are used to provide shape to the belly. You can visit squeezmeskinny.com for the most suitable waist trainer shapewear.

They follow the idea of using it for a longer period, making it easier to give shape to your stomach and make it more sleek and desirable. Now there are various concerns regarding the same because multiple other similar products were removed from the market because they had serious health effects.

Effects Of Using A Waist Trainer

There are both good and bad effects of these waist trainers on your body; these are listed and discussed below in detail.

They Give You The Perfect Figure

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These types of clothing are used to ensure that the bearer can maintain the perfect body shape, and in most cases, it’s the hourglass shape. The girls prefer an hourglass shape because it is considered more appealing and confident. These waist trainers shape your body fat to fall perfectly in the required shape.

Weight Loss

Now, this is the major reason which needs to be discussed; various people have created that when you wear these belts, you would have a fat burn and weight loss. This isn’t entirely true; when these belts are worn, the fat of the particular region is pressed tightly, which results in increasing body heat. This body heat takes the form of sweat and results in weight loss but does not help targeted fat loss. Using these waist trainers, you can lose weight but still have belly fat.


People think they would attain the desired posture if they wore these belts for a longer period of time. But this isn’t true because no external force can alter your bones’ orientation and structure and eventually result in serious body pain issues. When you stop wearing the belt, you will notice that your body goes back into the previous posture after some time, making all your efforts go in vain. So these belts aren’t a reliable choice for a long-term posture effect.

Appetite Loss

The main principle of these belts is to squeeze the fat and make sure that desired shape is visible; it does not focus on burning the fat but just pressing it. So after wearing it for longer times, you would notice that all your organs would be squeezed, which results in appetite loss, so it is preferred that you must continue your daily healthy diet. In the long run, this healthy diet would make it easier to regain body strength.

Breathing Problems

When these belts are worn, your lungs and diaphragm don’t have enough space to expand. The process of breathing involves the use of the lungs, which inhale oxygen from the atmosphere and the presence of the diaphragm, which develops to collect this oxygen. When you wear this belt, there is very little space for organs to expand themselves; when these organs are unable to grow, it results in lower oxygen inhalation and hence breathing problems. So people suffering from breathing problems should consult their doctors or experts before using these belts.

Digestive Issues

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A complex process involves sucking proteins from the food in the small intestine when you wear these belts. The large and small intestines are compressed, not allowing the bolus of food to move through them. When this food is stuck in the intestines, you will experience digestive issues as food won’t be utilized or digested.

Organ Damage

When these organs are squeezed tightly against each other, it can result in serious organ damage. Though these effects are not visible in a short span of use in the longer run, these effects will be visual in your organs. Your lungs would become weak and won’t be able to hold much oxygen, the digestive system would be affected, and the working of various other parts will be affected too.

Muscle Pain

When muscles are forcefully brought close to each other, it obstructs muscle movement, and in a short duration, it causes only minor muscle pain. But in the longer run, it would result in serious muscle issues, including sudden impairment and tissue damage. This muscle pain would increase when you stop using this belt because now the body does not have any support to provide shape to the muscles, so it would expand, resulting in pain.


This shapewear is very useful for short-term solutions as they make it easier for people to maintain their shape, but they are not a reliable choice in the long term. So you can wear this shapewear when you visit on occasion or when you need to look at your best. It would be best if you kept working on your other workout routines to make it easier to attain the desired shape. Regular exercise is the best way to burn fat, but there are limited targetted fat burn exercises, so you should prefer devising a well-formulated routine.

Secondly, you need to focus on your diet because a healthy diet is only a way to gain healthy fat, which would be visible as a lump of belly fat. If you cannot lose your fat even after various exercises and practices, it’s advisable to consult doctors for the most efficient solution.