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6 Best Diwali DIY Gift Ideas in 2024

by Tracy Finke

Diwali is one of the most celebrated and loved festivals across the world. We love this festival because it allows us to share our emotions, respect, and feelings towards our friends and loved ones. When we present a well-thought gift to someone, it evokes a sense of warmth and love. Also, it resonates with a sense of care and love that cannot be compared with anything.

If you are thinking of buying some special gifts for your special ones, be careful. Don’t bring them costly gifts as the value of your emotions cannot be judged by a price ticket. Instead, give gifts that express your love, gratitude, or care towards your well-wishers.

Vedaoils listed out some awesome Diwali gift ideas, that are known for bringing positivity and health in someone’s life can be the ideal Diwali gift. You can give something that can be cherished and appreciated by your friends and relatives.

1. Pigment Powder For Soap Making

source: unsplash.com

DIY soap and cosmetic making have found their relevance in the market today. Several people experiment with various soap bases and pure essential oils to bring the desired quality and effectiveness in their soaps, skin care products, and cosmetic applications. However, it is also essential to add a specific color to increase their aesthetic value. Professional soap makers would like to buy pigment powder in bulk to explore the effect and charm of various colors.

You can get pigment powder for someone interested in DIY soap making. Also, getting them in bulk would be affordable and if needed, you can buy some colors for yourself as well. Though Diwali is not a festival of colors, adding colors to someone’s creation wouldn’t be a bad choice at all.

2. Flavor Oils for Homemade Lip Balms

source: pexels.com

Lip Balm Flavor Oils are used to add a particular aroma and flavor to lip care applications like lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses, and other products. They are in great demand nowadays as many individuals are interested in making safe and premium-quality lip care products for themselves and their friends.

If there is a hidden cosmetician in you, use lip balm flavor oils to create some great lipsticks, lip lotion, balms, etc. However, only use the ones that are made from natural and pure oils. The specialty of these lip balm flavors is that you can even use them to enhance the fragrance of cosmetic, skincare, and hair care products.

Apart from topical use, these oils even possess food-grade quality. It means that you can utilize them for flavoring your sweets, chocolates, and other recipes. Cherry, Banana, Watermelon, Peach, Pomegranate, and many other lip balm flavor oils are in demand nowadays. Give it to the ladies who are not only proficient in cooking but who would also not mind making some great lip care products for themselves and their friends.

3. Premium Dried Flowers for Soap Making

source: unsplash.com

Dried Flowers are of great use as they can be used for skincare purposes. They are renowned for their medicinal properties as they are pure and effective. You can incorporate them into your face care and skincare routines. Also, they are ideal for maintaining the health and hygiene of your hair. These dried flowers can also be used to flavor tea and can also provide relief from cold symptoms like sneezing.

The high-quality premium dried flowers are of great use to soap makers and those who are interested in candle making. They not only improve the aesthetic value and appearance of soaps but also improve their effectiveness and texture. Moreover, they make scented candles more attractive and catchy. Therefore, if any of your well-wishers would admire it if you give them premium dried flowers, don’t think twice before buying them.

4. Liquid Bases for Handmade Shampoos

We all have understood the importance of health and hygiene in the last couple of years. Also, the one thing that gave us the much-needed support and courage is hand sanitizers or hand washes. Liquid bases are used for making these hand sanitizers. Therefore, if you are interested in making a powerful hand sanitizer or hand wash by yourself, get it immediately.

Gifting it to your loved ones directly or making effective hand sanitizers from them and giving it to your well-wishers. Give them to the guests who arrive to visit you at this Diwali festival. They will not only feel cared for and privileged but it will also reflect how aware you are health and hygiene-wise. Present it to your loved ones and get amazing reactions from them!

5. Soap Making Molds of Different Sizes & Shapes

source: unsplash.com

Soap making becomes quite easy if you find the right kind of soap-making molds. Also, if someone from your friends or loved ones is interested or wants to try soap making, you can give them some premium-quality soap molds. Even if they are professional soap makers, they would love to experiment with molds of different sizes, shapes, and materials.

These days, soap molds made from silicone are widely used as they offer convenience while working with soap ingredients. It becomes easy to set and retrieve the soaps after setting them with silicone soap molds. Plastic soap molds are also preferred as they are easy to use and store.

When it comes to shapes, rectangular and circular soap molds are mostly preferred. However, the trend of using uniquely shaped soaps has also crept in recent years. Therefore, soap molds that come in the shape of different animals, fruits, and vegetables are in great demand.

The soaps made from such molds are especially loved by kids. You can use these soap molds to make artistic and appealing soaps that can be gifted to your kids and relatives this Diwali!

6. Soap Making Kits

source: unsplash.com

If someone in your house indulges in selling the products and accessories specially crafted for this festive season, soap-making kits would prove to be the perfect gift for them. It is because they will be able to create luxury soaps of various shapes and sizes and earn a profit from selling them.

Soap-making kits consist of soap molds, fragrance oils, carrier oils, and the tools/equipment required for making soaps effortlessly. Also, if soap-making is on your wish list, nothing can stop you from getting some exciting and unique soap-making molds.